Altcoin Season: Missed Your Trip to the Moon? It’s Never Too Late to Hitch a Ride

By KyraRaine | KyraRaineCrypto | 17 Nov 2021

Do you find yourself fantasizing about what it would have been like if only you had invested in Bitcoin in 2011? What color napkins would you have on your superyacht? Which Tesla will you drive to your private jet? 

You are not alone. 

Millions of dreamers like you are gripped by bitcoin paralysis. What if I told you there was a cure? No longer do you have to suffer the shame of skepticism or FOMO into hopeless coins. There is a gentler path of healing that is available to all who seek it. The answer lies within altcoins.

Yes, the hundreds of coins "beneath" bitcoin on popular exchanges like Coinbase are all waiting for the stars to align. Once a motivated development team pairs with competent investors and a loyal audience, altcoins can deliver exponential gains to everyone involved.

Kyra Raine Crypto

On your way to the moon, you will have the chance to view the galactic implications of cryptocurrency firsthand. Metaverses like Alien Worlds are already prepared to show you what an interplanetary system based on smart contracts can look like. 

Altcoins may not seem like a secret strategy to long-time crypto lovers.
I believe it is important to spread gentle reminders to new and old students of DeFi alike. Facilitating safe travels through the world of cryptocurrency is imperative for decentralized financial systems to succeed and thrive.

See you in the stars,
Kyra Raine

❀Disclaimer: The above statements are based on my opinions and should not be taken as financial advice. I am an artist, not a financial advisor. Please do your own due diligence and feel free to share your knowledge with the community so that we may all learn together. Thank you!

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