When in doubt, stay free!

When in doubt, stay free!

By tipplenurkey | Proven Passive | 24 Jun 2020

There are a lot of opportunities online nowadays to earn some extra cash or crypto.  In the rapidly expanding crypto economy, there are also a near infinite number of online scams looking to cheat you out of your precious coins and tokens by promising and perhaps even a few times delivering high returns on your investments.  What's worse is that there are also a lot of places online that claim to be checking and proving these opportunities for you, when all they are really doing is getting paid to host ads and generate traffic.  Looking a you, BeerMoneyForum.

Here at ProvenPassive, I take a different approach.  I personally try out every opportunity on my website and strongly urge you not to invest your money until I have a chance to pay into them and make sure they pay out.  Sure, there are a lot of listings on my site that I haven't verified yet, but I'd hate to have you lose out on all the time it took me to prove they work, so instead I suggest strongly that you not pay any of your own money into them.  As long as you stay a free user on a website, you have nothing to lose.

The thing that really sets ProvenPassive.com apart from the rest is SCARS and my personal guarantee.  I put up my own capital, as well as any donations to the site, to make sure that you can invest and earn without fear of losing out on scams.  If you have been a victim of an online scam, send me proof of your deposits plus any withdrawals your were able to make and SCARS will pay the difference back to you based on available funds in the ProvenPassive.com PayPal account.  When you send proof, make sure there is no personal information visible because I want to share these images on my site to warn other users away from that scam.

As for the guarantee, if I label a listing "stamped" and it ends up being a scam, I will pay you back up to $100 out of my own pocket, period.  Same as with SCARS, send proof of deposits and remove personal information.  As my own investments grow, I will eventually be able to guarantee higher amounts.

So remember: when you are unsure of an opportunity that claims to be free, use it for free!  Never pay any site that requires payment in order to make a withdrawal.  Never trust any site that promises insanely high returns in very short periods of time.  If that were possible, they'd be doing it themselves instead of offering it to you.

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Disabled veteran, father of 7 and crypto investor with a natural talent for research and a God-given gift with numbers.

Proven Passive
Proven Passive

There is another reason I'm here. I very recently started a website dedicated to becoming the largest trusted database of real, verified passive income and investment opportunities as well as known scam sites and organizations, and I am exploring several platforms on which to promote it. This is one of them.

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