If you're not using CryptoTab Browser yet, you should be!

If you're not using CryptoTab Browser yet, you should be!

By tipplenurkey | Proven Passive | 5 Jul 2020

The team over at CryptoTab recently implemented an additional speed increase to their in-browser miner.  This new SuperBoost boasts mining speed increases up to +400%, multiplicative with CloudBoost (which already offered up to 10x speed) for a total of up to 50x mining speed per boosted device.  I went ahead and opted for all available SuperBoost packages, which comes to just over $50 per month, but allows me to mine ~$3 per day worth of BTC.  I accomplish this by running Nox Multi-instance (an Android emulator for Windows) on two desktops and one laptop for a total of 12 emulated devices mining at ~1600 H/s, plus both of my phones (an Ulefone Armor 3W and a OnePlus 6, which are mining at ~2000 and 5000 H/s, respectively).

Here is how this works.  To use this method, you will need to purchase CloudBoost for as many devices as you intend to emulate on (i.e. I am running on three PCs so I needed CloudBoost for a total of 5 devices including my two actual phones).  SuperBoost, if purchased, will be applied automatically when CloudBoost is activated on any device under your account.

1. When you run Nox Multi-instance Manager, open one emulated device.  Install CryptoTab Browser (I use Pro) to that emulated device and sign in to the same account you use on PC and/or Android. 

2. Once you are signed in and can open the mining tab, close the emulator and return to the Multi-instance manager.  Copy the emulator you just created and installed CryptoTab on.  Open the newly copied emulator and run CryptoTab Browser there, then activate any boosts you've purchased.

3. Continue to copy and open new instances of Nox until you reach the processing limit on your PC, then get rid of one instance so the others will continue to run smoothly.

4.  Reopen the original instance, run CryptoTab, activate boosts, then make sure the mining tab is open and boosted on each instance.  You will have to tap the button to turn boosts back on about every two hours on each instance.

5. Repeat this process for every available PC you have.  Once all your PCs are set up as makeshift mining rigs, go back to your phone(s) and run CryptoTab there as well.

For the record, CryptoTab not only allows but encourages the use of their browser by the same account on as many devices as possible (hence being able to purchase CloudBoost for multiple devices).  They also have a referral program that pays you a percentage of all mining profits accrued by your referrals, which I believe increases proportional to your total number of referrals.  Additionally, they have implemented a $2 referral bonus for installs on mobile devices.  The best part is that CryptoTab uses your device's available processing power at the lowest priority, meaning that mining will not slow down other operations on your device (rather, the opposite will happen).  However, this does not apply to Nox, as the emulator itself consumes processing power from your PC, so if you need to use the computer for something else, you will probably have to close a few instances of Nox to free up memory.

So, there you have it: a feasible method for turning any Windows PC into a small mining rig without having to pay insane electric bills or deal with ridiculous levels of heat and/or noise as you would with conventional rigs.  We won't even get into the cost of buying or building the rigs themselves.  Overall, this is an affordable option for the aspiring BTC miner and crypto enthusiast to use as an alternative to conventional mining rigs or the frequently-scam cloud mining websites to be found.

If you want to get started, head over here (referral link) to download CryptoTab Browser ($2.99 for Pro on Google Play, no waiting period before you can mine) and start earning BTC just for leaving a browser tab open.  As always, check out my website, provenpassive.com, for this and more cash and crypto earning opportunities as well as known scams and other useful resources.


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