Cash Alarm is back, but things have changed.

Cash Alarm is back, but things have changed.

By tipplenurkey | Proven Passive | 1 Sep 2020

   A while back, I wore a post or two about Cash Alarm, the paid-to-play earning app that has a two-way referral program and credits reward coins every five minutes.  Well, things were going great and I had managed to successfully recruit a few people to enjoy 25% of my earnings while I got the same from them.  Then, something weird happened and everyone, myself included, just stopped receiving credit for app usage, so I deleted Cash Alarm and moved on.

   A few days ago, I went back to the Play Store and downloaded Cash Alarm again, just to see if it was working now.  It is, and they even remembered my account, but some hings have changed.  Rewards are still credited every five minutes, which is great.  Referral bonuses still pay to both parties, which is awesome.  Rewards for an app, however, no longer increase for each consecutive day of use.  They also switched the referral tracking site, meaning all past referrals have been lost and I have to start over.  The cashout prices are still the same, and I'm already close to the $10 mark again. 

   The average reward coin earnings per app seem to have been significantly reduced in general, but I did find one app (Dice with Buddies) that is giving me 381 coins per interval, which is really good.  A former referral of mine confirmed yesterday that he did receive his requested payout after a few hours, so even if they did make a few changes that I don't think were really necessary, Cash Alarm is still a legitimate, easy way to make some fairly quick scratch just for having a featured game open on your mobile device.  By the way, they still do not appear to have done anything about the reward timer stopping after 30 minutes or so, but you can restart it by switching to another screen and then back to the game screen.  Annoying, but free and it pays.

   Fair warning, there is a KYC-type process to complete the first time you try to cash out.  If that doesn't put you off and you'd like to enter into a mutually beneficial referral relationship, here is my link:

   I will be running a Cash Alarm game practically nonstop until they stop paying, so even if you don't have room to install a featured game and earn on your own, you can still capitalize on the 25% you'll get from me as my referral.  I am totally fine with this, though I obviously would like a bonus, too, and you'll earn much faster if you get a featured app and run it as well.  I only cash out to PayPal, but they offer quite a few reward options.


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