Bitpie Offers OP_RETURN Hex Support and FULLY Adjustable Transaction Fees

By tipplenurkey | Proven Passive | 12 Aug 2020

   If you live somewhere that prevents you having access to Nexo Wallet, Bitpie is probably the next best thing.  I picked up this wallet from a list of OP_RETURN wallets on because I needed a new one after the fees on MathWallet went insane.  I still want to be able to get X- and L-BTC to mine PCX through the dapp, but not if sending $20 of BTC costs me twice that much or more.

   Well, it turns out Bitpie allows its users to adjust their transactions fees for cost efficiency or speed, but unlike many other similar functioning wallets, Bitpie allows you to set this as low as you like.  Obviously, this is highly appealing given the current trend of congested networks and exorbitant fees on the crypto market at the moment.  Want to send BTC from Bitpie to another address?  No problem.  You can pay as little as 1sat/B if you don't mind waiting a week or two.  I don't really recommend a fee that low, but the point is the cost is entirely up to you.

   There are plenty of features in Bitpie that I have yet to explore, so you can expect a part two post about it once I've had more time to fully investigate the wallet's functionality.  For now, let the fully adjustable transaction fees be enough to get you started by clicking here.  

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Proven Passive

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