Prospectors - rush to Grandland

By Base222 | Prospectors - gold fever | 27 Nov 2021

Long awaited gold fever is here. Join and dig your piece of virtual gold.

At 25th November new world called "Grandland" was open on wax chain.


Same login as on current worlds can be used. 

For new users, you can register here:


And why to rush to this new world? Answer is simple, the prices for raw materials are like 10 times more then on current world.

Its quite logical, as new world is only open for 2 days. And it takes many hours to reach your plot and mine/craft something.


Anyway, its still great opportunity even for free to play users.


If you didnt invest to your own plot, you have to go to outside right of map (it takes 8 hours on foot for your workers).

There you can mine for free (and remember, earned gold can exchanged to in fixed rate to PGL tokens and then traded for WAX).

So to mine go to some of outside plots:



There mine some coal, wood, clay or other resources. And then you wonder how high the prices are now:

Coal market


So good luck on your gold fever.

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Prospectors - gold fever
Prospectors - gold fever

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