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By Base222 | Prospectors - gold fever | 7 Dec 2021

Hello gold diggers,

Grandland is up for some time. So lets see what earning rate can be achieved in this P2E game.

At first point be aware, this game is really free and with some real dolars possible to earn. Not much, but you dont need to invest 600$ and hope the game token will not crash until you break even at least.

To get into game you can register here, all you need is gmail and WAX wallet:


WAX wallet can be almost empty. Resources needed are much less then e.g. ones needed to mine at alien worlds.

(maybe you can start even with completely empty wallet, I didnt try).


At my calculations I assume:

- you will move your workers to free plots at outside range = just few clicks and then wait 8 hours (send them over night and come back at morning)

- you have no tools, no plot, no investment

- you will use your 2 days free premium

- your workers can then mine 7 hours on one click (its 1 hour without premium)

- so you will send them e.g. at 9:00, 16:00 and 23:00 = 3 times a day, 5 minutes play each time = 15 minutes per day max


Each worker will mine about 0.1 ore or clay per hour = 2.1kg per day each = 6kg per day.

If you wisely send your workers to same side, you can transfer all mined resources to one worker. So others can mine while the one is making the trip to sell it.

Here is screenshot at current rate at center plot.

There can be some better rates around a map, but its a hell to run there and hope offer still stands when you arrive. Center plot has steady and nice rates. 

Selling ore


So over all, lets assume its 6kg times 4000 (after taxes of course) = 24000 gold per day = 24 PGL.

To convert just go to account section, dont need to go to any specific plot.



PGL is about 0.7 WAX and going up.

WAX is about 0.5 USD and going up.

Hello and come to me my 24 x 0.7 x 0.5 = 8.4 USD a day per few minutes of clicking.

PGL vs WAX market


Of course this is with premium account and not every day (move there and back). You dont need to move everyday. You can load one worker with up to 30kg and sent only him to market.

Without premium account you can get close to those rates, buy you need to click every hour.

Premium is 20$/month, so with those numbers its even worth to consider that (but at beggining I said its free, so no pushing here).


If you want to join, you can use these links:

(for some free ZEC)

(another promising game, even still not open yet)

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Prospectors - gold fever
Prospectors - gold fever

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