NFFT: the new kid on the NFT block

Newly launched NFFT blocks platform sees over 70% of its real estate taken in just one day after launch. is a blockverse platform that comprises 9112 sellable and transferable NFT type blocks on Ethereum blockchain. Unlike simple NFT smart contracts, NFFT blocks are fillable which means that block holders can change the content within the smart contract and transfer ownership rights of the given block when the need arises. All blocks are displayed on platform and showcase the community’s creativity, outlined in the form of images, links, artwork and more.

When demand overtakes supply

NFFT stands for a non-fungible fillable token and acts as the next generation of the standard non fungible tokens that recently caused a stir in the blockchain industry. The main difference between these two types of tokens lies in NFFT’s capability to be fillable or in other words operate as a special purpose vehicle for any content it gets filled with. 

The cultural obsession with the art object diminishes towards the new systems that prompt us not to look at the skin of objects, but at those meaningful relations within and between their visible boundaries. 

Jack Burnham. Visionary writer in art and technology.

Given the behemoth rise of the NFT and how it is taking over the art world, the launch of blockverse was met with a burgeoning demand, ending up with over 70% of total blocks’ supply being claimed within the first 24 hours. It is now expected that most block owners that are part of the platform’s Discord community will utilise their block real estate to store and display art, advertise products and services, set gateways to public figure profiles and projects. 

The platform and the future

First time visitors of the medium are met with the wall of coloured blocks where each block represents a stand alone token. According to the team behind the platform, each block in its own right is quickly becoming a collectable, as community members and new visitors rush to secure their share of the available space.

Since the exact location of each claimed block cannot be specified prior to the first rights transition, initial iteration of the community’ work is expected to be channeled towards the aforementioned blocks’ collecting to form a larger footprint on the grid. This is when the development of the platform will enter the already announced Phase 2, which aims to turn the blockverse into a fully-fledged DeFi. 

What do NFFT block holders get?

The successful launch of the platform is just a start and proves that the demand for the NFFT blocks is about to turn exponential. Apart from exchanging existing real estate in a bid to unite more near located blocks, community members are expected to use blocks to showcase their NFT art, insert URLs and attract attention to their projects. This information will then forever exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, either partially or in full, blockverse is expected to be featured by stand alone galleries and websites, which is resultant from the attention and demand it has been subjected to as of its first announcement. 

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