004 cliff notes from Tim Ferriss Show Podcast, Ryan Holiday

Philosophy is used for solving practical problems

You do not control the world around you, you only control your response to the world around you

Stoicism - operating system for making better decisions in your life

Real problem is to think that you need money for surviving

Enjoy wealth but do not think that it is key for your survival, practice voluntary poverty

Make riches serve you, not you serving to riches

The problem is not having riches, but riches having you

Tucker Max
Robert Green

Find a mentor whom you can use as a ruler to compare yourself

Jack Canfield
chicken soup for the soul

Fog of war documentary

Wall of Sound documentary

How to be a good writer?
Live interesting life, do something interesting and write about it....write only when you have something to say...unless do not write at all

If you do 1 or 2 things you will feel busy, if you do 4 or 5 things you are not that busy and things help each other

To write one book is hard, but the more you write, the easier it gets

Ryan runs everyday

Top 2 3 books
Sarah Bagwell how to live book
Ulysses s. Grant biography book
The fish that ate the whale book

Pharnam Street Shane parish blog

Maker vs Manager schedule

Paul graham essays

To be rich you need either make lots of money or limit your wants & desires

Keep your identity small, be able to live for small salary, do not develop expensive habits, otherwise when you get poor it will be difficult to live

Learn and practice financial management, save money for difficult days

Human action, technology are creating climate change and super storms

Being greedy when others are fearful, being fearful when others are greedy - Warren Buffet

Sub-reddits are great source of info

Survivorship bias

War of Art S. Pressfield book
Meditations Marcus Aurelius book
Robert Green book

Learn to read people

Gladiator movie

Shown of the dead movie

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