003 cliff notes from Tim Ferriss Show podcast, Kelly Starret and Justin Mager

One should sleep 8+ hours per night

Quantified self-tools  

Observing deep sleep  

Blood testing, one blood test is a snapshot, and continuous tests give chart and explain our internal processes  

Folic acid and methylation  

Better information - better decisions  

Heart rate variability exercises (HRV)  

Listen to yourself, to your body for improving health and life quality  

Observe yourself, read people, it is easy to read people by their emotions & movements  

If you know yourself, you know others  

If you wake up and have no erection...then you have health issue  

Sitting and office work is very bad, similar to smoking and killing yourself slowly  

Improve your cognitive performance by fixing your diet, posture  

To improve your thinking, mental performance, improve your physical performance, it is cheap & effective  

Sleep hygiene:

Pitch dark room

It should be a little bit cold  

Taking away chair at school will have major impact in health improvement of children, work in office  

While working, avoid sitting for long hours  

Think critically, use technology to optimize our potential    

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