Opportunity to earn money from PRIMAL - one of the largest communities on the web3

PRIMAL is a Fan token platform that has licensed over 250-star athletes in football, UFC, cricket, and other major sports.

I/ About

PRIMAL is integrated with Apple, Fitbit, Whoop, and other fitness devices to open up a market of 100 million users instantly. The platform's first app got 250,000 beta signups in 1 week. PRIMAL is incubated by Step App, one of the largest communities on web3.

II/ PRIMAL Ecosystem Overview


PRIMAL revolutionizes this model and generates Fan tokens for famous athletes. PRIMAL makes it possible for athletes to encode PERSONALITY for their own fans.

PRIMAL gives users the following utilities:

1. Connect by mobile app.

2. Join Celebrity Athlete Inner Circles.

3. Work out together, learn and watch exclusive content from Famous Athletes.

4. Get rewarded for participating in practice.

PRIMAL is a group of leading developers in the field of successful application building, supported by companies specializing in AR and VR.

III/ Steps to make money


🔴Step1: Download the beta version of the app.  👉Link:

🔴Step2:. Refer: 6MW4HHWK

🔴Step 3: Earn HIT Points Daily

1 friend referred = 4 HIT/day.

Each wallet added= 5 HIT/day.

Account created = 4 HIT/day.

When $ENRGY (reward token) is born, HIT will be burnable to exchange $ENRGY

BONUS: Tweet a screenshot of your created account on Twitter If you get Primal-like, you will be 10 times more likely to win the prize


After this, the HIT points will be converted to $ENRGY - the reward token of the app. Everyone who participates in the in-app invite campaign will receive HIT points. The faster you download apps, the more HIT points you accumulate.

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