Minima race for position on Blockchain L1 map and retroactive hunting opportunity (Part 1)

What's outstanding about Minama, let's find out below!


Minima has created a super-lean blockchain protocol suitable for mobile or IoT devices, such as your mobile phone or tablet, allowing any user to run a full node.

Check out some highlights of the project:

1 million nodes achieved by the project so far


📰 Top of potential projects in 2022 according to IBtimes, you can check here.


According to what the project shares, the project focuses on 3 important factors:

🤔Everybody Can Build Blockchain
🤔Depends on Fee
🤔A complete protocol

Minama solves the problem of Bitcoin is to optimize the protocol, even a phone can participate in network validation, increasing the decentralization of the network.

Minama's solution is no longer strange to Crypto brothers in the period of 2017 when there are some projects like Electroneum or Enecuum that also offer this solution but so far it has not been really effective.

Minama has improved when creating 2 separate protocol layers, Layer 1 and Layer 2:

☀️Layer 1 is Minima, which can be thought of as the verification layer of the protocol. Minima is slow and safe.

☀️Layer 2 is Maxima, the transaction layer of the protocol. Maxima is fast and scalable.
However, technically, I think Minama has not had any outstanding points compared to previous projects. The project needs to improve more on the technical part to be able to break through later.


Currently, the project is launching testnet, in tokenomic there is also mention of reward for brothers running node.


Running a sibling node can be run on the following platforms:




👉Linux Desktop

👉Linux VPS

Currently, I find running node with Android is the least expensive and most effective for newcomers who don't know much about running node. I will have a detailed tutorial on running Minama node on Android phones for you guys later!
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