b77a953f405257a23e98974747e76c288423f80794015d18653040ecd455bade.pngOver the years Binance emerged as a leading player in every sector of crypto and collaborate with numerous crypto projects and faithfully taking part in the adoption of crypto by the emerging world.

Binance integrate and partnership with a lot of projects from payment service provider to crypto safety projects lets discuss them in some brief details.

Binance collaboration with different

Payment service Providers


Binance has joined hands with a lot of Payment services including hotel, and, air ticketing booking platforms.


             BitPay’s wallet started support for BUSD on April 27, accepting or paying with BUSD opens up new possibilities for global businesses that require the stability of the dollar but the protection and efficiency of blockchain payments with BitPay.BitPay will also now process all donations from the Binance Charity Foundation, a non-profit that seeks to boost blockchain-based philanthropy.93bbb523707fe4ba34953d2fc0bd9e26e8b9548519bda335d6c6c96b675c9653.png


    On 20 May Binance announced the merger of and Binance-backed TravelByBit.  This collaboration will help to create the largest blockchain-based online booking platform. This merger will also help expand the reach and use of its native cryptocurrency AVA. CEO Juan Otero said in the announcement, “We couldn’t be more excited to join forces with TravelbyBit, which is backed by Binance and have constantly been achieving and pushing crypto adoption by providing blockchain-based online travel booking services.”


   Earlier this year Binance has joined hand with Australian based crypto firm Banxa which provide fiat gateway to various exchanges. In collaboration with Banxa, Binance has added fiat options for the Pound (GBP), Euro (EUR), and Australian Dollar (AUD). Exchange will allow using debit cards, credit cards, and traditional bank transfers to buy BTC and ETH through Banxa.

          Besides these big names, Binance has also joined hands with various payment service providers such as flutter waves, Simplex, and advcash.

Partnership with crypto Exchanges.

With its growing network Binance has signed various strategic partnerships with a lot of crypto exchanges.


    Tokocrypto the leading cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia which is regulated by the country's Regulatory authority bappebti. Binance made a huge investment in this firm with the aim to expand its growing network while the sum of investment is unknown.


          Binance Joins with Paxful in String of Fiat Gateway Partnerships. The partnership will allow Binance users to use Paxful’s platform to purchase bitcoin (BTC) with 10 fiat currencies directly on Binance. A crucial time for the cryptocurrency industry, Paxful and Binance, two leading industry platforms are concentrated on reaching and aiding in the financial equipment of an estimated 2 billion people worldwide who are unbanked.


Binance partnerships with Satang Corporation, a regulated crypto exchange in Thailand, to enable Thai baht deposit and withdrawal channels on its primary platform.


Binance made 400 million won investment in south Korean crypto-based firm . Following the investment, Binance announced that it will open its support center in South Korean. Reports have been suggesting that Binance has acquired BXB To strengthen its mark in the peninsular country after a partnership deal between the two.

  Acquisation by binance 



           On 4th April 2020, Binance announced that it has acquired CoinMarketCap, the world’s most-referenced crypto asset data tracking site, for an undisclosed sum. Binance and CoinMarketCap will together pursue their common vision of making crypto assets more widely accessible and useful to users globally. It has been estimated that binane acquires the firm with 400 Million dollars.


           On Nov 2019 Binance announced that it has acquired Indian Based Cryptocurrency exchange WazirX. Binance broke the deal with 10 million $ 

    3. Dappreview

Binance has acquired DappReview, an evaluation platform that offers data-driven research and advertising services to blockchain-based decentralized applications.

Binance has made a number of acquisitions in the blockchain and crypto space in recent months. The major exchange made its first public acquisition last year when it bought Trust Wallet with a reported mixture of fiat money, Binance stocks, and its native cryptocurrency Binance Coin.

 Binance has also strategic partnerships (including investment in ventures) with following crypto-projects

*NEXO (blockchain-based lending platform)

*CRED (blockchain-based lending platform)











The rise of Binance has been unstoppable ever since the platform first launched in 2017. Each of these acquisitions and partnerships is strategic, providing Binance with something it doesn’t already have. Although the company now has many divisions that dominate in their respective specialisms, there’s still room for further expansion and improvement.

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