Keys for being profitable in crypto world – Episode 5

By pappaa | Profitable in crypto world | 16 Jan 2022


Do you want to be a better trader? If you said yes, this blog could be a helpful hand for you.


Trading in perspective

Perspective of the market:

It is important to be focused on the market in general not just on coins you are invested in. Then you can find some gems to trade.

Perspective of a profitable business:

You should not be surprised by a losing trade, it is a part of trading. But on the other hand, winning trades should be as cold as the loses. We have to avoid emotions. Why? Because only cumulative profits make a difference.

When is the right time to stop

Now is the time to read carefully. This can save you a lot of money.

First reason to stop trading or at least for taking a break is when you are constantly loosing money, because of a bad strategic plan. If you see that your entry prices or exit prices in your plan are not working in the market you should look for the solution and probably using different method f.ex. resistances and supports, RSI, EMA, chart shapes.

The second reason to stop is you  being uncapable to act. When you are making mistakes and even not taking trades according to your plans. The reason for that could be lack of sleep, stress or any kind of pressure. You should return only when you feel great and stable to make the best decisions.

Best trades are like the waves, you have to wait for them!


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I am in crypto since 2020 and I am passionate about that. I would love to cover my journey with crypto and my thoughts about the crypto market. I have twitch, trovo and youtube channels where I'm doing the same.

Profitable in crypto world
Profitable in crypto world

In this blog I target on keys for making money in cryptocurrencies and I am sharing my knowledge from trading. "Profitable in crypto world" is for all of those who want to learn something new.

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