How to shoot for marketplaces at home

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How to take photos for marketplaces at home?

Publication from PiterPro_Production together with Mikhail Smirnov (founder and head of CMCproduction and SmartREC).

Among the huge number of products on OZON, Wildberries and other marketplaces, high-quality photographs and bright infographics can attract the attention of buyers.

Experienced sellers tend to turn to content creation specialists. But if you are a beginner and want to get started with a minimum of expenses, use tips for professional photography at home from our photographer!


CMCproduction and SmartREC

Preparing for shooting

Before you start shooting, it's important to prepare. Make sure the product is free of defects and contamination. Choose a suitable background. It is best to use neutral tones that do not distract attention from the product. A plain wall in the room will serve as an excellent home background. If you have bright wallpaper, don’t despair: use white Whatman paper.

Remember: the key to successful product photography is a neutral background. It will be much easier for you to bring your photo to perfection at the retouching stage.

Once you decide on the background, make sure there are no unnecessary objects nearby that will distract attention.

By the way, if you want to take an interesting photo, think in advance about the props in the frame. For example, if you take off your comb, a bright handbag will look harmonious next to it. See example below:
Example photo with props



Working with lighting.

To take a photo for the marketplace, and in general to get a professional photo, it is important to set up the light correctly.

There is no need to run to the store for professional equipment or a ring lamp. Enough natural daylight. The best solution for light in the frame is the largest window in your apartment.
But some difficulties may arise.

Sunlight falls unevenly, and a lot depends on the time of day and the clarity of the sky. Bright sunlight makes the shadows of objects appear harsher. In clear weather, the light intensity will be better than in cloudy weather. At the same time, bad weather gives objects softer shadows.

Still think it's easier to use professional light?

Of course, unlike studio photography, we can't control the lighting - and we won't be able to get an even result. Therefore, when shooting from a window, you should focus solely on the weather.

To do this, we have collected several options for working with light in different weather conditions.

sunny day

The best solution would be tracing paper that can be used to cover the window. This will simulate dispersion: the light will become softer. We roll out the tracing paper over the entire area of the window that falls on the shooting area and seal it with paper tape. In this case, we will lose a small part of the light intensity, but we will get an evenly lit background and soft shadows.

Example of tracing paper on a window


Example photo with unnatural lighting


It's a nasty day

Initially, in cloudy weather, the light will be soft and will give soft shadows to the subject. However, the other edge from the window may fall further into the shadow, and the shooting area will be illuminated unevenly. To solve this problem, white ceiling tiles or a piece of white cardboard are best suited. A uniform white side is required, which will act as a reflector and thereby serve as an additional source of lighting. It will reflect light from the window onto the surface being photographed.

This reflector technique will also work in bright sunlight. For example, when the shadows are hard, but at the same time very dark. The reflector will help lighten the shadow area and make it brighter.


Equipment selection

We've sorted out the lighting, now let's talk about shooting techniques. While a professional camera can add extra flair to your photos, modern smartphones also have excellent optics. The main thing is the ability to correctly use the selected equipment. How to take a photo for a product card on your phone?

To avoid problems with the background, avoid loss of sharpness of the entire photographed surface and at the same time easily adjust the lighting in the frame, we recommend shooting in the Flatlay style. Flatley is a format for shooting from above at an angle of 90° above the object.

This solution makes it very easy to arrange objects in the frame. In this case, the photographed object and additional props are at the same distance from the camera, and there are no problems with sharpness - everything is in focus. This also applies to working with light: this angle allows you to evenly illuminate the frame.

An example of a lighting scheme that we can definitely recommend to you


An example of what can happen with a similar lighting scheme



Retouching and processing

We have received the sources, now the question arises: how to make infographics for marketplaces yourself?

After shooting, you should do some retouching and photo processing. Don't overdo it: try to keep the colors natural. Thus, a photograph taken at home can be comparable to a professional one.

Now you know how to take photographs for marketplaces at home at the studio level. The main thing is desire and a little patience.
By following the tips above, you can create attractive, high-quality photographs that highlight the unique features of your products and attract the attention of potential buyers. But if you want to get high-quality content for marketplaces now, contact the professionals!

How to shoot for marketplaces

How to shoot for marketplaces

How to shoot for marketplaces

How to shoot for marketplaces

How to shoot for marketplaces

How to shoot for marketplaces

How to shoot for marketplaces

How to shoot for marketplaces

How to shoot for marketplaces

How to shoot for marketplaces

How to shoot for marketplaces

Publication from PiterPro_Production
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