Ganvest - Datura

This girl is a dope. I'll be drunk with you.
I'm a drug addict with you. It was all a hoax.
My girl is a dope, my girl is a dope,
My girl is dope. I'll be drunk with you.

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Liza Evans - Sweet
Cotton candy on my lips
Lick it and I melt before your eyes
Half-finished whiskey
You're so close to me, close, close

Violetta Wennman

Liza Evans - Cotton Candy

Violetta Wennman

Contemporary art for contemporaries. Literature, music, photos, videos, entertainment.

Violetta Wennman

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Ship Shard
Ship Shard

Professional videoproduction CMCproduction & SmartREC CMCproduction - full cycle video production SmartREC - the first mobile video production in St. Petersburg

professional videoproduction
professional videoproduction

Professional videoproduction CMCproduction & SmartREC. CMCproduction - full cycle video production. SmartREC - the first mobile video production in St. Petersburg. All Links

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