By RT618 | Probabilities Technician | 15 Sep 2020

Using a simple trade log will help you immensely. Without a log I'd have a feeling of just winging it and that's when the markets are going to get you.

This is all totally customizable to your liking.

The basic stuff may be...

  1. Date
  2. Symbol
  3. Time Trade Taken
  4. Time Trade Closed
  5. Entry and Exit Price
  6. Stop Loss Price
  7. Position Size
  8. Profit and Loss
  9. Events
  10. Notes

Most important to me is a large note section where I mostly list what I'm waiting on. Could be an alert level, indicator alert or news event.

Below this is an example of one I'm using made on Google Sheets. Again totally customizable for your own needs.


You may like a more in depth online log service and there are many out there.

For me I like to print a single sheet out like this to take wherever.

This is more defense from a market that gets the best of all of us when we stray from the basics of trading. 

Keep an alert eye on your stuff, like the post thumbnail image electric eye.

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Trader using simplified easy to view trading strategies to find actionable trades.

Probabilities Technician
Probabilities Technician

Using simplified easy to view trading strategies to find actionable trades. Trading is very risky, use your own judgment and have a great day friends...

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