Selfkey (key) pathway to controversial future affront to personal liberties?

By Andann427 | Privacy coins | 27 Aug 2020

safekey (key) is a identity blockchain token to empower individuals to take control of there digital identities. This idea is novel in scope and so as long as it’s tech remains decentralized and not compulsory could be a great individual identity verification method. I think the legitimate fear should be the compulsory and centralized applications this tech could be utilized fo in the future. A bet against the future is always a loosing bet . A cashless society will emerge, let’s hope the powers that be are by the people and for the people. As time passes individual liberty and freedoms are continually eroded . Imagine your identity linked to all your finances and the on/ off switch Held by a tyrannical centralized system, government or system. The tech of today will have evolved and it’s purpose unclear at best.

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