Periodic purchases in crypto

By LodiEzDa | CryptoWorld2021 | 27 Jun 2021

Periodic purchases in crypto


Second steps (slowly slowly)


First of all I have to thank everyone who follows me. You're already over a hundred and I'm very happy (maybe I'm doing some things right). The truth is that I follow a lot of people, but I think we all contribute something and that's what makes this platform great.

Today I wanted to talk about my small investments that I commented on in the article called FIrst Cryptocurrencis. My idea from the beginning is to make periodic purchases, small quantities in principle. I started by putting 30€, fifteen in BNB and another fifteen in BTC. I will do this every three months.



Those of you who read the article "Ampleforth launches FORTH governance token" will know that it was a good hit and those of us who took advantage of it made a nice profit from this change.  

Taking advantage of this change and seeing how the market is lately I have gotten a little more than usual in BTC. Right now it's for $31,650 I buy it at $36,000 but I don't care because I have faith that it will go up and get some long-term benefit. In BNB I put the 15$ to try to respect the cycle. Later I will tell how everything has gone.  

As I understand it is ok to make periodic purchases in BTC, so we do not care at what price we buy it. If we cared about the price, we would never buy it. We would be waiting for it to go down more and more and we would never be satisfied with the price. On the other hand, when this upstairs will seem very expensive to be able to buy...  

I've also done other interesting things like BNB Vault, Staking ETH2.0 etc. All this I have done so I have told you about the profits I obtained with the change from Ampleforth to Forth and with the margin that this left me. I'll do some other article to explain how I've done the Eth2.0 Staking, some other for the BNB Vault (I see it quite interesting) and some other sure I've been doing more things about this great world of cryptocurrencies. You can join Binance to get started in this world if you're interested. I leave my referral link.  



You can also join Publish0x, as you know (those who follow me) I leave in the articles my ambassador link.  

My Publish0x Ambassador link 😎

Thank you very much for reading my article I hope you liked it.

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