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By skylinebuds | Price Update | 23 Aug 2020

Are you like me and always looking for great crypto Places? Even more so, do you like blockchain rewards-based places? 


I would like to introduce to you today, blurt. Blurt blockchain is a fork of steem. Along, the time when Justin sun took over the steemit inc shares two forks came out of that one being hive that was a direct match to steem and blurt was nothing of the sorts.


Blurt blockchain has taken out some features that held steem back IMO. 


Down votes — This is no longer a thing on blurt. Meaning if you don't put in your time to have someone that don't agree with what you posted they come downvote it to nothing.
Steem Backed Dollars — This was another feature steem should have eliminated long ago. It is not pegged to anything and causes major problems.


With that blurt has added a few outstanding features on its own. From fees to maintain combat spam and shit post. The blurt team is working with communities to promote get them off the go.


Blurt is a no-brainer to me with a a strong and active team to some very big ideas planned to bring blurt to the next level.


If you have had a steem account before May 2020 you will already have a blurt account with the equal blurt as you had steem.


If you are new to blurt and didn't have a steem account follow the rest of this guide to set yourself up with one.


Step 1 — Head on over to


Step 2 — Pick your desired username


Step 3 — Save your password, I recommend downloads the password. If you are on mobile back up and store your password with a password. Best practice is to write the code down and keep it.


Step 4 — Pick the payment you would like to send to create the account. You can choose from credit card and coinpayment to blurt and hive. The blurt is the cheapest payment at around 20 cents.


Now you blurt account is created and ready for you to post on. 


This was part one of a five-part series of the blurt blockchain. Part two will be on downloading and using whalevault.


I recommend downloading and using whalevault on PCs. On mobile, it is best to use your posting key only and if needed save active key on LastPass or another safe password manager.


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Price Update

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