Fantom almost DOUBLES in 3 DAYS. Should you buy it and is this the actual best coin to stake?


In a previous post I already mentioned Fantom and why you should stake Fantom. To summarise and to add, Fantom is PoS blockchain with serious growth potential. Moreover, it is very easy to stake with the web wallet. The expected annual return is over 35% in FTM. Talk about serious staking rewards. To stake FTM all you have to do is:

  • Buy FTM
  • Send FTM to your own wallet which you can make via the pwawallet site
  • Press the stake but
  • Pick a node( I suggest Connor)
  • Send the confirmation and done
  • All you have to do is claim your rewards from time to time

This weeks surge

This week Fantom started around $0.0058. However after some serious buys, the price surged to  far over 1 cent a piece. At the highest point 1 FTM equalled $0.0138 and now FTM seems to be resting on $0.0119. That's an overall increase of roughly 90%. Current hypothesis are whales buying the sell walls in anticipation for the DeFi release later this year. 

Fantom graph 1 week

Should you buy Fantom?

Now it's probably best to wait and see if there is a consolidation so on the very short term no. However Fantom will release a DeFi app pretty soon. Moreover, they remain active in building their blockchain and integrating it to solve real world problems. For these reasons Fantom is definitely a long-term buy and stake.


N.B. I am a holder and staker of FTM. 

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