Seed. Sprout. Harvest. Repeat

By Flow of Golden Eon | Press Post | 6 Oct 2021

Life in the sub tropical part of Australia’s east coast. Abundance surrounds us. Us and most of our friends have opted for a semi camping lifestyle, where outdoor living is a priority. Absorbing sunshine most of the time, just like the vegetables gardens they have been created. Simple living, striving for a self sufficient existence. Their dwellings, shacks, caravans run on solar power, appliances are low wattage. Their water come from bore/spring and rain water. Why? Because we realise that getting back to nature is our goal. Whilst the rest of the world spin out of control, we like the idea of watching our homegrown organic vegetables spin around the juicer instead and drink all its vitamins and minerals. We like the slow lifestyle of catching the first rays of the sun, as we get onto the day’s yoga practice. Then to the garden we go to tend to the plants. The children help here and there. They learn by observing the adults play out their passion for cultivating their own food. They are reminded that is what our life is all about. We eat, we play, we garden. We provide for ourselves. They learn where their food come from. The cycle of life. Seed. Sprout. Harvest. Repeat.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? So it should be. But alas, it’s not always that simple. In the gardens there are bugs and insects and caterpillars that eat some of the plants. There are opportunistic bush rats, brush turkeys, possums to name a few that hover around the garden waiting to get in there and indulge in our hard work. There’s droughts and floods to deal with. And these are these are the reasons why we persist on learning how to live on land. Because without the challenges we cannot go within. We observe and reflect on the seasons. The cycle of life. We are here to guide and learn with the next generation, our children. In hope that they will relearn and remember the ways of the land.


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Flow of Golden Eon
Flow of Golden Eon

Embodying the elements of the natural environment; in full awareness of multiple dimensions and using these as guides to parenthood and beyond. My aim is to nurture and nourish my children in all aspects of self; to cultivate emotionally content children

Press Post
Press Post

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