Fear Not

By Flow of Golden Eon | Press Post | 7 Nov 2021


A wind passes and it brings a familiar feeling. The one of anxious short breaths, the ones that make the eyes dart around, searching for the culprit. The one that makes the body jump at the most subtle sound like a leaf falling on the ground.


What if? What if? Surely there’s something terrible about to drop.


I stop. Who are you? I sense that this feeling is not emanating from me. I am not it. It is simply passing by, wanting a host. I am not here to host something that is distorted. I am here for expansion. I am here for me. I am here to reMember and reLearn.



A few times whilst alone in the forest I suddenly feel strong emotions like fear. Fear of what? Snakes? Trees falling? An alien creature coming to invade my space? The list can keep getting irrational. I recognise these emotions and slay them into pieces. Where did it come from? From the neighbors? Possibly from a previous entity that has walked the space before I? Often we inherit certain emotions from our parents, grandparents etc... and we take them on and give them a space in our lives without questioning why we are doing it for?



I have learnt to communicate with these feelings, thanked them for visiting and move them on. E-motions. Energy in motion. These practice I share with the little ones, trusting that as they watch me act out some irrational ideas or words they also see the side of I, trying to gain balance every minute and hour of the day.

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Flow of Golden Eon
Flow of Golden Eon

Embodying the elements of the natural environment; in full awareness of multiple dimensions and using these as guides to parenthood and beyond. My aim is to nurture and nourish my children in all aspects of self; to cultivate emotionally content children

Press Post
Press Post

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