Presearch Releases New Ad Flaggin System!

By Presearch | Presearch | 20 Aug 2020


Dear Publish0x members!

The Presearch Team is excited to announce that we’ve deployed the new ad flagging system, as outlined in our revised roadmap and Vision Paper.

This new system enables people searching on to flag low-quality or inappropriate ads placed using our innovative keyword staking platform. This enables community-driven feedback that improves ad quality and provides transparency into the process of improving ads for both advertisers and Presearch users themselves.

Since launching keyword staking in January of 2020, more than 65 million PRE have been staked against thousands of keywords.

While there have been limited incidences of abuse within the system, there is a growing opportunity for those wanting to reach the 1.5 million registered Presearch users to place deceptive ads or otherwise degrade the search experience with low-quality ads.

Fortunately, the staking model already provides a deterrent to people behaving maliciously, as they could lose their staked tokens if they are found to be causing harm to the community.

But to address more common occurrences of advertisers who are unaware of the guidelines, or who have different ideas about what constitutes a quality ad, we’ve created this new ad flagging system that community members can use to alert the project about potential issues with ads.


To use the system, just click the green flag icon within the ad and then fill out the corresponding form to let us know what potential issues you have may have found.


Project administrators then have the option to either pause the ad and request changes, delete the ad (if there is a serious violation of the ad policies), or let it stand as-is.

The person who submits the report will be notified via email about the actions taken, as will the advertiser, providing end-to-end transparency into the review process.

Eventually, we plan to further decentralize this process and enable ad reporters to stake PRE to submit a report, earning a bounty if their report turns out to be legitimate as determined by an open community voting process.

In the meantime, this new ad flagging system should help maintain ad quality and ensure that Presearchers are protected from bad actors looking to take advantage of the keyword staking platform.

Thanks to the Presearch development team for launching this first feature of many to come from our recently published product roadmap. If you’d like to see the full roadmap and timeline for all our upcoming product updates, please check out the recently-published Presearch Vision Paper.

Have a great day!

Team Presearch

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