Presearch and WordProof Partner to Fight Fake News With Blockchain

By Presearch | Presearch | 5 May 2021


Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with WordProof to bring timestamped search results to Presearch. As the first search engine in the world to integrate WordProof’s universal blockchain-based timestamping system, Presearch will soon be able to show you when information was last edited or updated. We believe this will go a long way toward improving trust and transparency on the web.

Google accounts for the vast majority of searches worldwide, and acts as a filter that delivers results based on biases and algorithms that don’t always serve your best interest. As confidence in the internet declines due to fraud, fake news, and privacy concerns, Presearch continues to provide an alternative to ‘Big Tech’ and represents the interests of the community.

Last year, WordProof received a grant from and €1 million from the European Commission as the winner of its ‘Blockchains for Social Good’ contest. The project has since grown its service to help consumers and search engines verify the source of content, as well as see when it was last changed or updated. WordProof uses blockchain technology to help people verify the origin of the content they see online.

By integrating WordProof, we’re able to facilitate more transparent, informative search results on Presearch to our 2 million+ registered users. We also hope to lead by example in showing other search engine providers that there’s a better way.

We plan to complete the WordProof integration soon, and we’ll be updating the community along the way. If you have any questions or want to stay up to date, please join our Telegram community here.

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