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By Presearch | Presearch | 4 Dec 2020

Hi there Publish0x! We've received plenty of responses from you in our previous marketing hiring post. We're still hiring for these positions by the way! However, Presearch is also excited to announce that we are actively searching for another world-class marketer. This time it’s to fill an incredibly influential new position — Head of Marketing.

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We’d love your help in spreading the word! Compensation is commensurate with experience and in-line with industry standards. We’re hiring for fit and a demonstrated track record of success. The job description is listed below.

Head of Marketing Job Description

Presearch is searching for a Head of Marketing who will lead our marketing activities. Responsibilities include management, measurement, and continued improvement of marketing efforts. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in overseeing social media efforts, PR, email, online advertising, and be able to speak to a variety of marketing efforts that have generated results.

Ideal candidate is familiar with crypto/blockchain channels as well as digital marketing channels and is comfortable in a rapidly changing environment. We’re looking for someone to help amplify our growth within the cryptocurrency industry as well as reach new audiences outside the crypto space, including privacy enthusiasts, digital marketing agencies, and those looking for an alternative to existing search engines and their practices.


  • Lead and manage campaigns for advertising, PR, email marketing, and other efforts
  • Set, monitor and report on team goals
  • Lead branding & positioning strategies
  • Ensure our brand message is strong and consistent across channels & marketing efforts
  • Identify opportunities to reach new market segments and expand market share
  • Coordinate marketing efforts to boost brand awareness
  • Participate in the quarterly and annual planning of company objectives


  • Work experience as Head of Marketing, VP Marketing, or Director of Marketing
  • Experience running successful marketing campaigns
  • Campaign measurement and reporting experience
  • Experience with CRM software
  • Leadership skills with the ability to set and prioritize goals
  • Analytical mind
  • Excellent communication skills

Skills & Qualifications

  • 5+ years of high-level marketing experience
  • Solid interpersonal communication skills and the ability to work on cross functional teams in both leadership and member roles
  • Ability to make data-driven decisions
  • Strong presentation, writing and research skills
  • Must have a wide variety of experience across marketing channels
  • Ability to quickly adapt an find unorthodox solutions
  • Must be able to prioritize and handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Examples of growth hacking experience and/or ideas of how to bring Presearch to the masses

If this post resonates with you, please email [email protected]. Please let us know what sets you apart from other marketing leaders and why you would be the perfect fit to join the Presearch team.

Know someone who would be a great fit?

If marketing isn’t your jam, but you have a friend or family member who would be a perfect fit, please forward them this posting and CC [email protected] when you email them to be eligible for a referral bonus of $1,000 worth of PRE tokens if we choose your contact for the position.

Thanks for helping us find the perfect candidate for this important role.

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