What about it?

First post for the new Preparedness Blog. Its always the hardest.

All these ideas swirling around the drain... How to get them out so they are beneficial...  

I am working on a few posts already. Will be adding them here as we go.

Some of the things I will post about are:

  • Prep Projects around the house. From simple lists to projects for organization.
  • Victory Garden. Yep, we are going to have a few raised beds this year and a Green House too!
  • On the Road. What about when on the road? Back and forth to work? What about out in the RV?
  • Communications. Yep. Texting, emailing, Family Radios, CB, HAM. A little bit of everything here
  • REVIEWS. Food Buckets. Hiking Food. Tools. Equipment. I am not Gear Hound so it will be basic stuff!
  • Community Involvement. You can not make it alone! Build those connections and be an anchor in your community.
  • Fiction. A few books or series I have read that can give you ideas. The Big WHAT IFs?

So join with my family and me as we see what we can do to be better prepared for whatever is coming our way!

I really hope the comments and feedback add to this so everyone can take away something to better themselves and those they care for.

If you have a topic you'd like to read my thoughts on, let me know!

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Father, retired Firefighter

Preparedness - Baby Steps
Preparedness - Baby Steps

Are you ready for an Emergency? Tornado? Flood? Fire? Earthquake? If not you need to be. Going to post on this here with reviews of some of the things we are doing. Follow along and get yourself better prepared!

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