Purify yourself.

By oodeyaa | Prayer. | 29 Apr 2019

Purify yourself.


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Change the subject,
And the object to bound to be changed.
Purify yourself,
And the world is bound to be purified.

We ought to be busy about ourselves,
Not about others and our neighbors.
The world will change,
If we change ourselves.

If we are pure,
The world will be pure.
There is no more slavery for him,
Whose mind has become free and pure.

Who has controlled his own mind,
He becomes master of his mind.
The more he grows in love and virtue,
From outside, the more he finds love and virtue.

Every step in the world,
Has been gained by love.
Criticising can never do any good,
For years it has gained by love.

Poetry written by @oodeyaa

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Hi I am Udai a stock broker in Indian Stock Market, blogger in Steemit, Whaleshares and Honest Cash, a poet and motivational writer.


Prayer. May God helps me, To be free from narrow minded ness. In the operation of my duties, I may do justice and fairness. May I be able to help, The poor, needy and in helped. God may give me.

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