the hero of the day - 22 of june - Erich Maria Remarque

the hero of the day - 22 of june - Erich Maria Remarque

By VNFC | practicalstuff | 22 Jun 2020

hello everyone

I hope you are ok these days. We are still limited in actions by this virus, but it is better to prevent than to treat.

Anyway, until everything should be better, a little reminding doesn't hurt, so, I want to celebrate with you a special person, I hope, each day.

And now it is the honor to present you the first hero of my celebrations:

Erich Maria Remarque


It is one of the famous war about writers, especially because he also fought in the First World War and his impressions wrote on the paper are more real than only fictional writers. At the age of 18 he was sent to the front in the German Army. He was hit by a shrapnel in neck, arm and leg and was forced to stay in hospital until the end of the war.

His most famous novel is: All quiet on the western front, and is about a character, similar to him, which is fighting in the First World War.

It tells about the battles and what trench warfare was like. It is one of the first books about war that’s objective is not to tell about a heroic character, but to say how war isn’t heroic at all. The character, Paul Baumer, has experiences that are similar to Erich Remarque’s own experiences in battle. In the end, Paul Baumer died. All Quiet on The Western Front was one of the things that helped Erich Remarque make and impact on the world. It is one out of a few anti-war novels that he wrote.

All his work is about showing how bad are the wars, especially for the regular people, not for the Presidents or other important persons who decide to start those fights.

Please, take a break from your work and try to read some pages, day by day. Could help for your mindset.



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