My favorite Publish0x Authors

My favorite Publish0x Authors

By VNFC | practicalstuff | 19 May 2020

hello guys

I am sure you must heard about the new contest of Publish0x in the celebration of their 100k accounts!

congratulations, by the way!

I hope you'll have a long history and you'll facilitate us to get known the most interesting stories and news with a fantastic community.

to be short, this is my top favorites authors:

1. MuyAsk - for his in depth documentation regarding coins

2. moon333 - for his technical analysis of coins (good tip for BAND, by the way)

3. pheonixdown-dee - for his Weekly Crypto News

4. mr_wiki - for good info regarding some projects

5. list3r - for it's full documented partnerships articles of different projects

6. alexandru-balan - good articles related to Linux especially

There are many more, but I think this is enough for know.


Pragmatic style. Love Science Fiction, Sports, Music and Dance, Travel and Movies. Hit me with AMA and I will try to make a good solution.


about what can you apply or what can you meet and should see it differently

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