Comparison - What wireless charging air vent car holder is better?
wireless car holder

Comparison - What wireless charging air vent car holder is better?

By VNFC | practicalstuff | 6 May 2020


Last year I bought a new car, a Toyota Yaris hybrid for city and I was uncomfortable with the choices for having my phone somewhere in sight, but not to interfere with my street view, because is important to pay attention to the traffic. Safety first!

This is how my car board looks like:


I put some red lines to understand the real problem: the vents are with about 1 cm inside the edges (where the red lines are should be the edges). This is the reason why the usual air vent car holders aren't able to keep the phone in it. Because their "catch" area is too small for keeping the phone.

So, I was looking to search for some phone holders, and if it's possible, I will pick one which is also a wireless charger. Why not?

So, those two model captured my attention and I want your opinion also:

1.HOCO Car Qi Wireless Charger 10W Fast Charging Stand


2. Baseus Wireless Car Holder for Phone Quick Charge 3.0 Fast Wireless Charger Air Vent Mount Holder Car Wireless Charger


I know that are not Vetter, Anker, Blekin, Griffin, Energizer, Duracell, etc (which are at double price, of course) but for what I need should be good enough.

By the way, I searched for Belkin and Vetter wireless chargers and look what I found:


Really?! One star from five for Belkin!!? And the design, the clip, ... Definitely it is the beginning for their market now. Vetter looks a little better, but I am not sure of the strenght of the clip for difficult air vents. I will try it another time.

What am I looking for a car holder to have?

My top criterias for choosing a car phone holder are:

1. the adaptability to fit where I need it

2. the strenght of keeping its position and phone also

3. the reliability

4. the price

5. the time of delivery

6. the charging component

All that being said, let's analyze what I have chosen:

1. the adaptability to fit in any air vent


Hoco has a clamp for getting into air vent - 6 points

Baseus has a different kind of fit, with a spring telescopic clamp, a hook and a clip for double fixation. The two "feets" under the clamp assures a great stability:

From this two pictures, my vote goes to the second one, Baseus. Looks more solid. 10 points

2. the strenght of keeping its position and phone

The other important aspect is how hard can this holder remain in air vent and keep the phone, also


Hoco has some silicone rollers for having a soft, but powerful catch - 8 points

Baseus has some soft accesories, but it doesn't look so powerful. Instead of this, the form of the car holder help the phone for not flying - 9 points

3. the reliability

This is more important than the price, because is not a good job to buy a car holder with 10$ and it's necessary to change it 3 times/year instead of one with 20$ which resists two years.

Both car holders looks solid and have good reviews, maybe Hoco has an advantage because is smaller and doesn't have the "wings" which Baseus has for keeping the phone.


So, Hoco - 9 points

Baseus - 7 points

4. the price

We are (almost) all working for money, so this is important also:


Hoco could be find on at 18.30 $ - 8 points

Baseus is on the same site at 24.99 $  - 7 points

5. the time of delivery

In some moments, this is the most important aspect if it's very urgent, so, if you couldn't find it in other stores, closer to you, than you need to know you have to wait for shipping from China between 30 and 50 days.

For this, both has 6 points

You can find it maybe in some online stores in your country or in your continent, you should check.

6. the charging component

Let's see how the charging power looks:


Hoco has power output from 5 to 10 W, so it has 7 points from me

Baseus claims a 15 W power of charging and 1% power gain for every 40 seconds. I must say this depends what it is between the phone and the charger. If it is a phone case, it would affect the power of charging. It depends of the material the case is made of. Anyway, 9 points for this.

 Here you will see all technical specs:


And here, all the phones that are compatibles with these chargers (the list may be extended, I think):



For me, I bought both of them for more tests.

I am not a fan of these brands, on contrary. I prefer Anker and Vetter, also Nonda for car chargers, but I didn't find a phone holder good for until now.

So, who is the winner?

For all of you, I made a table with all the criteria and points awarded.


Baseus is the winner for a better strenght in keeping the phone and adaptability for fixation in air vent and also a better charging power.

I wait for your opinion, because this case is very important for my happiness in car.




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