8 new WatchOS 7 features on Apple Watch

8 new WatchOS 7 features on Apple Watch

By VNFC | practicalstuff | 28 Jun 2020

good morning everyone!

I hope this are the first good news for today

Monday, Apple announced its latest software updates at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference and it should be available from this fall.

The most expected:

Native sleep tracking

This feature which is already normal for other devices is now landed on Apple Watch and maybe it will have better features than the competitors. We should see it in action to prove it.

For tracking the sleep, the watch should have at least 30% battery and it will need a recharge in the morning.

The workout


The app adds support for four new workouts: core training, dance, functional strength training and cool down. 

This dance feature could attract more girls for Apple Watch, I think,


Pandemic feature - monitoring your hand-washing

When you wash your hands, this app will start automatically and count the optimal seconds duration for doing this safe.


Other iOS features

  • Apple Watch has inline replies for the Message app
  • Siri can read back your texts when connected to earphones
  • The Apple Watch will get a translation app that allows users to translate entire conversations
  • Your Apple Watch can become a key fob for your car

All news about apple are presented below:



Unfortunately, these features will be compatible only with the Apple Watch Series 3 ($199 at Apple) or later and some features are exclusive to the Series 5.


we wait and we shall see what the world is bringing to us tomorrow


about what can you apply or what can you meet and should see it differently

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