The Great Unknowing Interface

By IATIA | Practical Spirituality | 9 May 2021

This piece is deep. Find your Great Unknowing. Allow your Tree of Life to grow roots out of these worded seeds to grow and bloom.

Topsy-turvy, I’ll start with the bottom line, so your subconscious can be chewing on it all the while you’re reading.

The Great Unknowing is a Tai Chi interface that centers consciousness in figure-eight flow. That interface is where you Really Live. Flowing there mutually purports a higher frequency range “above” (your supposed inner awareness) communing with a lower frequency range “below” (your supposed outer awareness). As a victorious alchemist, “above” and “below” give way to the notionless Presence evolving infinite mystery surprised by joy.[1]

Before the details, let me entreat you to engage a more deeply rooted insight. Breathe in golden-lighted rays. Invite them, by your attention, to divulge their alchemy. Centered, subconsciously check in with the One giving rise to THAT momentarily as you read. You’ll open upon a joyously victorious visitation, which that mysterious stranger intends for you.

Manifestation’s Eight-Dimensional Crystal

Sentience manifestly expresses through eight dimensions. One’s “next step” of spiritual advance coalesces in a frequency range beyond normal, waking consciousness comprising four dimensions of formative possibility. This is the realm in which the Higher Self propounds the I AM Presence in evolutionary mode. Think of these dimensions as the setting room of your Causal Body’s salon.

The ambiance there inspires and valuates abundant Life’s currency: the present space-time manifest moment. In this in situ 4D realm, consciousness freely Beautifies Selfhood by engaging infinite mystery to create Soul Art. THAT enjoys the Vishnu/Shiva, Christ/Holy Spirit dance, which  occupies the City Foursquare (your ongoing everyday) to evolve infinite mystery. While it’s impossible for humans to grasp the paradoxical Presence, which coagulates infinite mystery as divine Individuality, we can fully resonate with the One by attuning with the dance caller’s inspirational directives.

Each person—or Being at any level of the spiritual Hierarchy—is a twin flame Couple creatively engaging the foursquare space-time realm.

Did you get that? You, alone, All One, focus both (masculine/feminine) poles of your sentient twin flame magnet. You partake of the archetypal figures that the paradoxical caller (ultimately the One and only I AM Presence) commands. These called figures—the do-si-dos, for instance—of imminent perceptive activity configure your in situ realm’s exigencies. We relate to this immanence as Mother Nature’s laws. Theosophy has disclosed these to be the habits of the Cosmic Being—Alpha and Omega—whose body is the manifest universe in which we currently find ourselves.

The upper, time-space, four dimensions configure each moment’s inspiration. Our creatively willing alchemical consciousness partakes of THAT. Moment by moment, joyous activity victoriously produces Soul Art in the four space-time dimensions of everyday life. As mentioned above, it’s important to realize that this above/below interaction pertains to every 4 x 4 frequency-range pair in the entire, infinitely evolving spiritual Hierarchy.

Humanity Is a Special Case

Humans are a special case of this above/below 4 x 4 dimensional dance. We call our lower in situ realm space-time. Then, merely for consistency, we call the higher frequency realm time-space. Humanity’s space-time is special because it is an incubator laboratory. Here, our consciousness learns the ropes of infinite alchemy. When we fully realize our immortality, we graduate out of space-time. Then our Presence evolves infinite mystery in a 4 x 4 dimensional paired realm, which—it seems to me—is likely to be referenced in different ascended master language from the time and space jargon us humans use.

A Closer Look at the 4 x 4 Dimensional Realm
Of Alchemical Practice

The upper four dimensions portend divine evolution as grace.

The lower four dimensions receive THAT grace as inspiration through the Great Unknowing portal that purveys creativity.

That is, your Way amounts to grace eternally dawning your momentary creative joy. This ambiance infuses your flowing activity and awareness with a hopeful happiness, which feeds upon purity’s power.

Space from Above and Time from Below
Are Like Proboscises

Upper time-space uses its single space dimension like a proboscis to project its formative grace into Self’s space-time realm. Lower space-time uses its single time dimension like a proboscis projecting its victorious Soul Art into Self’s time-space realm.

These two alchemical processings are a communion of unitary viewpoints. They’re one momentary cascade timelessly/spacelessly evolving infinite mystery. (The only way “you” can survive that last sentence is by wholly, gracefully centering in and as the One.)

That one upper space dimension along with that one lower time dimension compose the Great Unknowing interfacing the two adjacent Hierarchical levels.

This interface IS Life’s zingy alchemical spark.

It lights your fire.

(Master Morya has written three long books describing the fiery world we inhabit (Agni Yoga’s Fiery World I, II and III). I’ve been putting off reading them for decades. Now, I suppose, I can take this piece to be permission to peek therein.)

Here’s a concise recapitulation:

Consciousness’ Great Unknowing interface is an unknowing for both higher- and lower-frequency realms: above and below.

  • Below: Humans partake of the Great Unknowing to receive the inspiration that motivates Soul Victory.
  • Above: Higher Self—our I AM Presence evolving through Christed Selfhood—partakes of the Great Unknowing to receive the Soul-Art presents that our in situ consciousness victoriously gifts in and as the One.

Yes, infinite Higher Self is omniscient; yet, It takes the trouble to Live so that the One can partake of Great Unknowing awe surprised by joy.

Victory’s Divinely Loving Communion

Mighty Victory is famous for declaring that He has never met another man except Victory. Further, He enjoins us to relate to lower 4D consciousness as a catalyst for divine evolution. That is, since a catalyst only facilitates alchemical processing, humanly centered 4D awareness must give up the ghost to the Holy One if its bearer is to realize Victory, which is Life’s end-all, BE-All.

That is, human perception’s formative, imaginary elements in its lower 4D frequency range must melt communally with its higher-frequency 4D, Causal Body provenance. Moreover, a love affair with infinite mystery must take precedence over both of those Self-contained above/below, interacting-as-One foci.

Something from NOTHING
Your “Next Step” Is Not “Next”

Consciousness’s “next step” must be realized NOW, not in some fictional later. Now is always NOW. I AM already All that I ever will Be. There is NOTHING new under the sun as the Son’s possibility domain. Behold, my Soul Art makes All things new as infinite mystery’s birthing domain. Such realization purports supernaturally unexpected LIFE, like those “happening” performances that hippies put on during the 1960s. Those perplexing performances dramatically messaged to on-the-edge-of-their-seats audiences that anything can happen anytime. Life literally portends out of nothing.

In his book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, Steven King resonates with this something-from-nothing truth, which applies, not just to writing, but to all of the One’s viewpoints:

“Let’s get one thing clear now, shall we? There is no Idea Dump, no Story Central, no Island of the Buried Bestsellers; good story ideas seem to come quite literally from nowhere, sailing at you right out of the empty sky: two previously unrelated ideas come together and make something new under the sun. Your job isn’t to find these ideas, but to recognize them when they show up.”[2]

Yes, yea, yes! Re-cognize Who I AM momentarily NOW.

Your empty life, your story, momentarily amounts to a timely cascading, instant-purporting plenum. THAT poses no disturbance to Real consciousness—no disturbance in its force. In other words, the only Way you can really “go” anywhere/anywhen is to realize that your destination is already configured before you “get there.” Being THAT is to practice the science of the Immaculate Concept, which ratifies infinite mystery.

Remember, how Jesus told us that He was going unto the Father to prepare a place for us. That’s why any old itty-bitty thing we do becomes “greater than” the magnificent magic He did. Super-additively, All naturally piles on, in and as the infinitely mysterious One. Clearly understand that you ARE your Soul Art’s raw materials. Your pallet and your pigments don’t come from some Art supply store in the sky. Ethereal sky and earthy mud alchemically mix as your momentous, dancing re-cognition answering the ONE question: Who AM I, NOW?

A Scientific Approach

Even some scientists, today, are exploring the 8D interface. They envision 4D space-time as a crystalline projection of 4D time-space. Klee Irwin’s quantum Gravity Research group is working diligently to explicate the 8D crystal, which—in my words, not theirs—focuses the ultimate alchemical processing of a Being’s divine evolution throughout the spiritual Hierarchy’s vertical and horizontal expression. To repeat, this 8D crystalline projection involves the 4D-above in-formations of the Causal Body engrams projecting through the 4D Artfully manifest formations that set the stage for the treasured states that your divinely human awareness focuses. Irwin’s group is doing its darndest to say that mathematically.

The Creation Myth

Note well: your human awareness focusses form. It does not create it. Only the One IS. NOTHING is actually what is created and realized in our absent but apparent milieu. We timelessly/spacelessly, magically re-member maya’s infinite mystery upon each moment’s Cosmic Cross of White Fire. That’s quite a mouthful. Simplify THAT by assuming it as quite a heartful.

We imagine maya’s profound, magical thoughts, which God has spun upon the lattice of our crystalline proposals. We pristinely navigate maya’s emotional seas upon Maitreya’s clipper ship. We traverse maya’s Beauteous estate upon our Merkabah chariot; all the while, of ourselves, doing NOTHING.

Take it all in centered in your Great Unknowing above/below interface. Enjoy the ride that is enjoying You. Realize that we are not just piddling around doing stuff “down here.” We are alchemically integrating two levels of the spiritual Hierarchy. Centering consciousness at their interface enables a human—or any Being engaging any frequency-range pair in the spiritual Hierarchy—to partake of infinite Presence having a nice day. Keep the change.

Mysterious Fiery World

Now, let’s be bold enough to ask where the fiery world’s fire comes from. How does spiritual fire come into Being? This must involve some sort of magic, since only the One IS. How does evolution’s interface spur Being out of BEING? How does time-space’s space, along with space-time’s time, united, give rise to God’s willing oomph to spur the One’s infinitely mysterious evolution?

Don’t just skim over these questions. Aoogah…aoogah…dive!

God wills, but how does HeShe convert THAT back into mystery? (I think I deserve a bravery gold star just for having the gumption to ask that question. Do I really think that I will be able to fish some sort of an answer out of the Great Great oceanic silence? Maybe I can step on the gas by siphoning some infinite faith out of my hearty mustard seed.)

I’m sure that Morya has a million and One answers in His Fiery World books. But I’ve decided not to cheat here—at least not just yet. I’m going to wipe out Lloyd, and give it my best shot. I may well find myself to be way off base after perusing Fiery World I, II and III. So, just take what follows as an enticement for you to challenge me by fishing around in your own oceanic pond.

 What has come to me is that fire burning eliminates its fuel. Whatever consciousness currently knows in its manifesting realm fuels the world to come. Thus, higher consciousness is the fiery consummation we call surrender. Such letting go of spatial duration recognizes the above described 4D x 4D evolutionary, mutual communion. Hence, surrender and fire are synonymous. Both feed upon a conscious focus so enraptured in and as the One as to heat it to the point of combustion. Its combustion continuously introduces the conscious One to a brand new cosmos in which only Love can survive.

Such conscious combustion becomes a sacrifice, a sacred orifice, through which the All Seeing Eye reveals God’s face. In that Presence, all must die by the fire that illumines a yet unknown birth. Yes, yes, yes! Fire arises as sentience gives way to cascading mystery. We—the One--grow by sacrificing the known for the unknown and imbibe Mona Lisa’s smile right off of God’s face.

The Fiery World Brings about Healing

So far, we’ve envisioned the fiery world ascending cosmos upon a consciousness ladder comprising eight dimensions, with interlocking single dimensions from above and below acting as its rungs. Ignorant humanity dishevels that interfacing opportunity. Hence, an infirm world cries out for healing. In Morya’s Fiery World I, He explains and enjoins:

"’Surround yourself with Fire and become immune,’ is a most ancient Covenant. But, having grown more callous, people began to forget what Fire was indicated by the Wise. The fire became a physical one and magic circles of fire made their appearance. Thus, people always belittle their essential nature. Actually, any living fire is a healing one, but no resin can compare with the fire of the heart. Let them remember at least about the quality of earthly fire, yet in truth the time has again come to return to the primary source; otherwise it is not possible to cross the boundary near which humanity already stands. The earthly forces have been depleted and strained by humanity, and the Highest Powers are alarmed. Only the fiery, illumined consciousness can restore the broken bridge of ascent.”[3]

That boundary we stand near, that “broken bridge of ascent,” is the Great Unknowing 4D/4D interface, anchored in heart as our threefold flaming Presence of the One. Take a moment to ascend in and as the One NOW. Become You, continuously blazing.

Cleanse Your Luster

Life’s divine fire is always immanent. But, aye, there’s a rub. Like those rub-a-dub-dubbing three men in a tub beset by separative circumstance, configured human perception must be washed. That’s not confined to Dave Van Ronk’s advice as he sings, “It takes soap and water, baby, for to keep it clean.”[4] No, Real cleansing is to be washed in the blood—the Bright Light Of Our Divinity, which cleanses maya’s falsely perceived conceptions.  Starved of Living blood, consciousness haply wanders and suffers. It continually, gravely, digs its ruts deeper. It’s no wonder that humans stuck like that feel deserted in a dry-bones desert.

Stop Ya Murdrin’

 Like Moses (who murdered an Egyptian), lower-4D-centered, superficial consciousness cannot partake of the Causal Body promised land NOW. For, such fallen-estate, attached interactivity amounts to momentary murder. It slays its immanent face-to-face with Geometry Of Divinity. (Note well that I said fallen consciousness cannot “partake of” the promised land. Since only the One IS, you ARE in Reality already THAT promised land. You never go there, and you never leave it. Alchemical failure only involves attention’s refusal to resonate with infinite mystery to evolve It and enjoy Being BEING.)

Each moment’s Causal Body in-formation spectrum is intended to infinitely bloom Edenically in its space-time catalytic realm. Obviating THAT, the human sense of separation courts divorce from its only lease on Life. It engenders fear: Fiery Energy of Alpha Removed by misplaced, divisive attention, which produces fragmented awareness.

Use the above understanding as a daily, working mantra. Over and over, remind yourself that a lightbearer’s divine consciousness never leaves heaven’s realms. Masterful Presence evolves the One partaking of 4D awareness, simultaneously above and below, devoid of even a semblance of the maya of false conception’s density. That’s why the Buddhist notion of Reality corresponds to divine alchemists participating in an “outer” awareness of manifest being that is absent but apparent. The Cosmic Cross of White Fire that focuses Real awareness every moment asserts cap “B” Beauteous Being, not fiddle-faddle lowercase “b” being.

Only the One IS
All the Rest Is Experimental Commentary

Because only the One IS, the maya of false conception is One with the Causal Body’s basic immaculate maya. It’s space-time interpreted as hard-and-fast imagery that Shiva washes right down the drain. Embracing Shiva’s surrendering alchemy momentarily washes up each moment’s beakers and other lab utensils to lay out the invitation for the next cycle’s alchemical experiment.

Yes, yes, yes! Your momentary Life is an experiment. You are a scientist, who never knows the exact Living result that the imaginatively inspired, mysterious One will furnish as ever-awakening awareness. Think of your treasures in heaven as the observations jotted down in your lab notebook. Even “up there,” those notes are fodder for further musing. Moreover, since mysterious Presence asserts no one doing the musing, the One’s Life is amusing.

Gratitude Plugs-In the Vacuum Cleaner

Real, effective gratitude palpably anticipates Shiva’s magnetics, which draw the Infinite One front and center simply because nature abhors a vacuum. Fuel yourself with Living waters gratefully at the 8D Tai Chi pump to enjoy threefold chi popping in and out of your sparkling. Be a light bearing alchemical builder chorusing “of myself, I can do NOTHING.” Observe the products of awareness as infinite mystery’s sparkling 4 x 4, maya-cleansing Presence. Perrier™ can’t compete with this water of the Word.

The Fiery One is Always in Heat

The small stuff that you needn’t sweat comprises misguided fits and starts, which nourish Life no more than a molehill of beans. The fructifying BIG stuff that brings you into heat is bloomin’ wonderful, as our Fair Lady would say. Don’t even try to hide that light under a bushel. Let your Great Central Sun’s magnetic estrus announce your omnipresent fertility. As One SEEing Divinity, flood your come-hither far and wide. Transcendently draw the whole plenum pack into your fragrantly Loving ambiance. Accept THAT seed and multiply. With THAT enthusiastic swell, strut down the avenue (with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland) as a couple of twin flaming swells.

Don’t Mope As You Mop up Your Bad Karma

Enthusiasm prospers. Don’t let your infinitely zingy, upper 4D touch turn to mush. Engage your elemental helpers, who will eagerly nourish your alchemical endeavor like the hopped up ballpark vendor I sometimes heard as a kid entreating his clientele, hand aloft with the goods, “A loaf of bread, a pound of meat, and all the mustard you can eat. Hot dog!!” Let your enthused Presence view life from the nourishing, sunny bleachers interfacing upper/lower Hierarchical communion. Take your momentary communion wafer like a ballpark hot-dog assuaging dukkha’s ignominious impositions upon your life’s cheering glory.

Handbags and Glad Rags

Down here in the human lab, you may be sweating and breathing hard while working upon karmically dense timelines. Your former, bad-karma-generating self has paved your “depraved because deprived”[5] road with good intentions like the grandad that Rod Stewart sings of in his “Handbags and Gladrags” song:

“You are still a young girl
And you bought everything in style, But once you think you're in, you're out
'Cause you don't mean a single thing without
The handbags and the gladrags
That your granddad had to sweat so you could buy”[6]

All that human hard work may be necessary for human survival, for sustaining an evolutionary platform. But, what’s the sense of it if all you do is ride life’s merry-go-round like its dumb, wooden horses, to whom “Stop the world, I want to get off” is a gobbledygook foreign language?

Every moment is a pushbutton that can activate the ejection seat to fire you off from the human merry-go-round as a fiery world anchoring infinite mystery. By timelessly dying to life’s death dealing revolver, you live as plenum within the 8D mirror that retains your immaculate shine.

Stop the BS So You Can Earn Your B. S. Degree

Now, please cut me some slack re the strong language coming up. I use it to over-the-top emphasize as counterproductive the everyday, walk-around awareness that most people consider to be incontrovertible normalcy.

Such sleepy minded awareness, ignoring the 4 x 4 interface, brings about stagnation. Do you care to give me a stronger word than “disgusting” to describe the hundreds, if not thousands of embodiments worth of fecal consciousness that humans have larded in earth for Shiva and their own bacterial-level awareness to deal with?

Humans are meant to attend Earth’s laboratory/incubator schoolroom to complete their curriculum in some divinely reasonable time. But the “normal” human consciousness mentioned above has gotten them stuck upon the wheel of birth and death for an ungodly, hypnotically instigated duration.

NOW, it’s time to break that spell.

You are not just some “normal” pipsqueak human.

You are a God in the making!

So, stop lollygagging here. That Broadway show title “Stop the World, I Want To Get Off” is not just entertainment. It’s a wisdom token.

Surrendering every bit of your mischief might seem an Everest of a tall order. But, believe you me, utterly refusing to fuggedabout your everyday-normal life programming is not just ignorant. It’s downright licentious. Yeah, “licentious” characterizes your ordinary life: just looking around the room or walking down the street or….

That observation is not just me going off like some kind of spiritual fanatic. Look at it this way. Humans have been couching their awareness “the way they always have” for a LONG time; for many more embodiments than divine plan warrants. Over…and over…and over, a good part of the time, we assume all that stuff out there is different from us. (I’m not holier-than-thou preaching here. I do that, too.) Lazily bowing to human, many-millennia-momenta, continues to muck up consciousness. It creates a separate “you” who is aware of other separately appearing stuff.

Engaging such “other” is literally f-ing-up. Your sleepy eyed “normalcy” brings to birth devilish stuff—tools that dark forces can use against you to keep you captive and captivated by your self-centered glamor.

As a spiritual person, you are supposedly aiming to fulfill your divine plan, balance your bad karma, balance your threefold flame and vamoose outa the fallen estate. But you’re still here. Have you noticed? Remember the hackneyed observation that says that doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result is insane. I extend that to also cast it as immorally licentious.

Swooning after phantom sirens is not condonable just because you and everyone else have always sprung for them as commonplace awareness. Face it: momentary ignorance is actually just as licentious as a peep show. Yes, it’s more demurely low key than passionate, yet the flavor and rhythm of fallen consciousness is but irrelevant metadata.

The fall’s the fall.

You still end up in your tailor made, dukkha layered hole no matter how you got there. To get back on track, you must cultivate surrender; surrendering even sensing “you” surrendering.

Science oriented observers might say that the trick is to master spiritual quantum jumping. Humans are catalytic critters bearing an alchemical “in” with the Big Bopper. Why not take advantage of that? Let BEING unexplainably Be.

I hear you saying along with me that such surrender’s hard as a Sherpa’s lot. But, yesiree, it sure beats to high heaven picking up gobs of jail bait in a red-vinyl seated, souped up ass wagon. So, keep your eyes to yourSelf while cruisin’ the maya of false conception for burgers. Stop getting lured onto lakeside beaches to watch the submarine races with your babe of the moment.

Standoffish as a Great Silent Watcher, stand clear. BE clear. Be clear.

CBers are careful to keep from stepping on the one voice that currently owns the airway. So, stop stepping on your True voice with an obtrusive PA blaring nothing more important than “Cleanup on aisle three.”



[1] “Surprised by Joy” is the title of C. S. Lewis’ autobiography. I steal that phrase fairly often.

[2]  Steven King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft (New York, Simon & Shuster: 2000), p. 37.

[3] El Morya, Fiery World I (New York: Agni Yoga Society, 1933), #15.

[4] Dave Van Ronk, “Keep It Clean,”


[5] Gang member Action sings that he’s depraved because he’s deprived in Leonard Bernstein’s and Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway musical “West Side Story.”

[6] Rod Stewart, “Handbags and Gladrags,”

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