Subtlety – Part Nine: Spirit/Mater One

By IATIA | Practical Spirituality | 16 Aug 2021

There’s no difference at all between Spirit and Mater. Only conscious focus distinguishes them.

  • Spirit: Consciousness focusing upon the vertical bar of manifestation’s White Fire Cross directly imbibes Spirit as Living/growing Samadhi.

Spirit grows as conscious frequency increases.

The immeasurable “rate” at which Spirit-consciousness renews Selfhood at zero point distinguishes One’s Spirit attainment.

Spirit consciousness assumes the One’s provenance bed.


  • Mater: Consciousness focusing upon the horizontal bar of manifestation’s White Fire Cross directly imbibes Mater as Living/growing mandala.

Mater grows as conscious inclusion increases.

The immeasurable “deepening” readiness at which Mater consciousness Self-identifies I AM THAT I AM distinguishes One’s Mater attainment.

Mater consciousness expresses the One’s spread.


ALL attainment, the One’s unfathomable, unfounded ecstasy, remains infinitely mysterious.

Only the One IS.

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Earth is a spiritual schoolroom. Its immortal graduates and Cosmic Beings, who nourish evolving life throughout cosmos, tutor all sentience along the spiritual Path. My writing shares my insights into their wisdom.

Practical Spirituality
Practical Spirituality

My articles deliver to you an understanding of the nature of consciousness and a wealth of impelling liftoff points that will engage your inherent joy. Reading and assimilating them will impart a spiritual giant step to your Beautifully evolving, immortal Selfhood as an instance of the One.

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