Subtlety – Part Eight: The Real Space/Time Interface

By IATIA | Practical Spirituality | 27 Jul 2021

I wrote this piece to encourage you to meditate deeply upon Being’s architecture so that you can construct subconscious, upwardly tending steps upon the heavenly ladder. Of primary importance, it details the Real space-time perch upon which ascending Ones navigate Life. I will have succeeded if it helps you to focus your daily walk upon that heaven/earth interface, which I often refer to as the Living, spontaneous Great Unknowing.

It’s commonly known that wherever you place your attention, that will be the nature of the energy you draw to yourself. That is why I do my best to keep my attention riveted to the Great Unknowing so that I can actively live in and as the One evolving infinite mystery and fulfill my reason for Being. You know what they say, once you can hit the spot, stay on it, and never let go. A modern day Ramakrishna would confide: Samadhi beckons, even when stuck in traffic, sittin’ at a red light.

The Commonplace Space-Time Scam

Most everyone conceives of the term space-time as a reference to the fallen estate’s three dimensions of space along with one time dimension, which supposedly pushes the whole show along. Yet, in Reality, time is not passing and there’s nothing spatial moving at all. Indeed, NOTHING, the entry point to infinite mystery, is positively cascading frames of Real imagery through perception.

No “thing” is Really moving because each cascading momentary instant presents a whole, holographically rendered Real image: a timeless/spaceless plenum. The faster that those frames appear, the higher is One’s conscious vibration, and the more inclusive is their loft in the spiritual Hierarchy.

Reality’s Eight Dimensions

Reality, so far as humans are concerned, comprises eight dimensions. (I have no idea what cosmic consciousness entails in the multiverse and beyond.) This eight-dimensional format is borne out by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet saying that when she would be accomplishing her highest, most attuned spiritual work, she occupied “the eighth floor,” and was not to be disturbed.

Four dimensions “below” express as three dimensions of spatial form producing the appearance world we think we walk around in. This is pushed along through one time dimension, which gives rise to human illusion.

Four dimensions “above” express as three dimensions of timely form producing Causal Body engrams, which give rise to the Reality of our divine personality. The urging of infinite mystery pushes our unique Being along through evolutionary cycles. In addition, the Casual Body evolves as Soul adds its Artistic treasures to its radiance. This comes about by virtue of one space dimension inserting engrammatic opportunity into the human inspirational realm, which gives rise to human Reality.

Real and False Time and Space
“Below” and “Above”

I know this section will appear unnecessarily complex. Let me suggest that taking the time to meditate upon the two-cents I have added to Being’s architecture here will help you to subconsciously attune to your Reality as your Higher Self gracing the One’s own graciousness with Loving co-operation.


  • Real time “below” substantiates divine evolution as the frequencies of consciousness composingthe dance of Soul Art in the One. Ma’s attentive caress flows THAT Life ”below,” victoriously appearing “above” as transcendence in the Causal Body.
  • Real space “below” substantiates divine evolution as Vishnu/Shiva expressing THAT as the One, perceived as mandala. That is, consciousness in this mode relates to apparently different appearances as components of One infinitely vast image. Never lose sight of the infinite scope that limited human perception is grasping.
  • False time “below” substantiates illusory forms assuming the sense of causality. This produces time’s arrow, opening the way to blame and confusion. Such confusion may make for good mystery novels, but it is no way to live a fulfilling life. Happiness throws relative past, present and future to the dust bin, and appreciates (raises the value of) All NOW.
  • False space “below” substantiates illusory forms as consciousness assumes the sense of separation. This produces the sense of “other,” which involves ignorant ones in human dukkha and fear.


  • Real time “above” substantiates divine evolution as infinite mystery’s urgent quest. This draws Living possibility from infinite mystery to configure the One with the personality of infinite Beings.
  • Real space “above” substantiates divine evolution as Causal Body engrams. Inspired from “above,” consciousness partakes of them “below” as holographically distributed in-formation. Causal Body engrams tie Being in with infinite mystery by enabling consciousness to engage them as spiritual “objects,” which victorious Soul Artfully treasures and adores. The alchemical process of Soul realizing Who I AM gifts Presence with Self esteem lavishing the One as Beauty.

A Note on Semantics

Neither false time nor false space exist above; for, in heaven worlds all is harmony, grace and Beauty. However, everything is possible. Even the contorted misqualifications that can surround the outer realm’s white fire cores produce some level of responsibility above. While these have no direct effect upon heavenly “time” and “space,” they strongly condition human conceptions of higher energies and formations. That’s because all form ultimately relates to possibilities apparently coming from “above.” Thus, in human terms, jagged and out-of-kilter spectra seemingly derive from “above” as false-time possibilities. Their accompanying, apparently substantiated echoes “below” comprise their distorted false space reflections.

Thus, owing to their nature as possibility, we can very loosely ascribe the following falsities as being seemingly sourced from above.


  • False time “above” plays out as consciousness entertaining illusory forms vibrating with no regard for Causal Body engrams. This gives rise to phantom idolatry. Relating that to selfhood, it’s important not only to reject idolatry of “other,” but to eschew the hubris that deprives a person of Life’s ever-deepening humility: Real spiritual attainment.
  • False space “above” becomes the flip side of false time’s idolatry. It expresses as misplaced conscious focus. Outwardly, possibility’s idolatry positively substantiates the illusory forms of the fallen estate. Inwardly, universal idolatry brings about the worship of false gods.


More importantly, false space “above” negatively appears as ignorance of the spiritual Hierarchy’s essential nature. All Beings ARE the expressive levels of your own Selfhood, for only the One IS. The spread of consciousness ranges from the smallest—as quarks and microscopically beyond that—to the largest—as galaxies, universes, the multiverse and beyond. If you haven’t “gotten” your awe-inspiring majesty yet, meditate upon the Truth that You ARE our Milky Way galaxy. You ARE endowed with Alpha and Omega’s body: our entire universe. Expand your conscious outlook/inlook to revel in Your Selfhood’s spiritual Hierarchy. It’s easy to start off simply by realizing the obvious. You are the cells in your little pinky nail. You are your bones and organs. You are your entire body. Indeed, That same you are your interpenetrating mental, emotional and memory bodies. Then just go on from there to realize and Live and breathe as your city, state, country, planet and beyond. True spirituality IS this reverence for the spiritual Hierarchy THAT I AM: Being evolving the One, worlds without end.


Remember, only the One IS! Time is not; space is not. Righteously living humans eschew false time and false space. Instead, they cleave to Reality’s formative “space/time” mutually inserting THAT “above/below” as figure-eight flow: victory’s alchemy, instantaneously NOW.

Real Space/Time Is the Interface
Of Nowhere with NOW

Real space-time refers not to the fallen estate’s three space dimensions and one time dimension. Instead, Real space-time refers to the “above/below” interface at which space from “above” alchemically assumes time from “below.” Each gives rise to One another instantaneously cascading as spaceless/timeless Real imagery.

In Reality, human ascenders actively occupy the fifth dimension—space from “above”—simultaneously with the fourth dimension—time from “below.” The Tai Chi symbol implies this figure eight flowing, instantaneous mutual give and take. Living the Tai Chi Life is to radiate divine Love’s kissing twin flame union as instants of Beauty cascading upon THAT Beautifully presenting space-time interface. Thus, Real Life is divine evolution: realizing Selfhood “above/below,” all One. Real Life perches upon THAT “above/below” interface as the alchemical processing that humans relate to as joy: Joining the Om to You. THAT nowhere/NOW interface displaces NOTHING. Au contraire, it dawn upon the infinite One.

Yes, the mysterious One Lives in and upon space-time; but, THAT Life has naught to do with fallen estate illusory space-time phantoms. THAT has All to do with the I AM Presence simply proclaiming.

Practicing the Space-Time Interface

Centering consciousness “above” in the fifth dimension accepts Holy Christ Self inspiration. Centering Consciousness “below” in the fourth dimension activates Soul Art. Together, THAT Christ/Soul, space-time interface melts all illusory fallen estate elements to render you a figure-eight flowing, radiantly glowing fruit upon Life’s Edenic tree. In Great Service, you nourish the evolving One’s own raison d'être. You leave off from vagabonding ways to enjoy the Way welcoming you HOME; for, you become the House of OM Energy.

You don’t even need to be what humans might consider exceptionally skillful or artistic.  Just Being You is enough.—indeed, more than enough. You ARE the One and only star of the one and only I AM Presence. You are of priceless value to the evolving One as you profoundly pronounce mysterious Beauty in and as yourSelf. Your only Real job is to express divine Individuality. Living in eternity NOW, in and as all of the spiritual Hierarchy’s akasha, You’ve already done it All. This moment, you are rendering All++.[1]  Your selfless, aghast attunement with THAT, Artfully Beautifies Holy Christ Self inspiration simply by re-cognizing the One’s awe in You; for, infinite mystery realizing opportune Selfhood IS Life’s miraculous Presence. Self-deprecation goes right along with the sense of separation as the original sin.

Assume your perch as the Real space-time interface, and enjoy this plenary moment.


[1] ++ is a C computer programming language operation that increments whatever variable it modifies. I remember how, when I was a programmer, I often used to eat a breakfast of toast and coffee. Then I realized how boring just plain toast is. So, I would bake my own sweetbreads, a different concoction each time. I knew that I wasn’t producing some sort of gourmet delight, just something a little better than toast. Natch, as a C programmer, I used to call my creations “toast++.”

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