Twitter under attack: fake news out of control

By Pot Project | Pot News | 9 May 2020


“Twitter is unable to remove fake news about the coronavirus "reports the NewsGuard report which monitors the reliability of news on websites

The research found that multiple Twitter account posts continue to remain online with over 100,000 followers promoting disinformation about questionable treatments of Covid-19 that violate the policies introduced by social media, Facebook and YouTube, to tackle the covid-19 pandemic."

While Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo try to corner several fake news videos 

Twitter is under attack for poor control of comments or false dangerous news about the Coronavirus.

According to the research, "these posts have reached over 3 million people." In particular, the report, observed that a "Twitter account, with 125,000 followers and links to the far-right QAnon group, would have disseminated false studies on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus". Other accounts promote cures with chlorine dioxide, licorice root and zinc.

Twitter rejects the allegations

stating that since the introduction of the new policies on March 18, it has removed over 2,400 tweets." Still, a study conducted by the University of Oxford between January and March, pointed out that 60% of the fake news remained online on the platform (Twitter), compared to 27% on YouTube and 24% on Facebook.


We prioritize the removal of content that promotes or incentivizes actions that could potentially cause harm. As mentioned on other occasions, we will not act on every tweet containing incomplete or controversial information about Covid-19 ″, this is the a kind of reply of a Twitter spokesman.

The "Plandemic" video is giving hard times to the Social Media Platforms

The video contains statements that challenge the advice of doctors, such as home isolation that would damage the immune system and masks that would put health at risk instead of preserving it. On Facebook and YouTube he had received 1 million views before being removed.

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