The world's first robot scientist discover new type of chemical catalysis

By Pot Project | Pot News | 12 Jul 2020


The special robot works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, carrying out the experiments on its own, selecting the most suitable ones to test a certain hypothesis.


It is the first robot scientist in the world to discover a new type of chemical catalysis.

This was revealed by the study described in the very important journal Nature by researchers from the University of The experiment

The robot conducted, according to the study, 688 experiments in 8 days, working between 172 and 192 hours, making 319 movements, 6500 manipulations and traveled for a total distance of 2.17 kilometers.

Can perform all the tasks of the experiment, such as weighing solids, dispensing liquids, removing air from the vessel, initiating a catalytic reaction and quantifying the products of the reaction.

His brain uses a search algorithm that allows him to evaluate over 98 million possible experiments, deciding which is the best to proceed to the next one based on the results of the previous one.


The Robot

The particular 'scientist' weighs 400 kilos, is 1.75 meters tall, can move and work in a standard laboratory, using the same tools used by researchers and performing different tasks.

Unlike humans, the robot has much more patience and only rests the time needed to charge the batteries. It could help find materials for producing clean energy or new drugs.

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