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IBM Think 2020: “Each company will become an AI company”

By Pot Project | Pot News | 6 May 2020

“Digital transformation is accelerating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eventually every company will become an artificial intelligence company. "

From the virtual stage of IBM's Think

With these words Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM, kicks off Think Digital, the worldwide IBM event that this year will take place exclusively online on 5 and 6 May and which will connect customers, partners and leaders from all over the world .

"History will trace this moment as the moment when digital transformation for companies and especially for modern society has suddenly accelerated," Krishna said during his initial speech. "This Pandemic is an opportunity to develop new solutions, new ways of working and new partnerships for the benefit of your company and your customers, not only today but for the years to come."

The new technological solutions from IBM

During the opening keynote, Krishna called the hybrid cloud and AI "the two dominant forces driving digital transformation", declaring that "5G and Edge Computing will do to businesses what smartphones have done to consumers." In addition, the CEO has announced the new technological solutions that IBM wants to offer to help its customers along this path.

Krishna has announced the launch of Watson AIops, a hybrid cloud service that uses artificial intelligence to automate the process by which companies monitor, detect and respond to IT system anomalies in real time. A solution that can reduce costs and make IT infrastructures more resilient.

In addition, IBM (together with Red Hat, the company recently acquired by the US giant) has presented new software and services to help businesses and the world of telecommunications in the transition to edge computing and 5G. The new offerings will allow companies to independently manage workloads on a huge volume of edge devices.

Finally, Krishna presented the public cloud financial services platform

that allows the offers of independent software vendors (ISV) and Software-as-a-Service (Saas) to be brought together and integrated into a single container. Through the services of Assima,, Finacle, Intellect Design and Thought Machine, the participating banks will be able to take advantage of an efficient way to guarantee collaboration with trusted suppliers.

"Technology platforms are the basis for a competitive advantage in the 21st century," added Krishna. "They will determine how quickly you can move towards new market opportunities, how well you serve your customers, how much you can scale back and how quickly you can respond to a crisis like the one we are facing today."

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