Dogecoin, Coinbase and DeFi. Cryptocurrency sector is pumping

By Pot Project | Pot News | 15 Jul 2020

Dogecoin, Coinbase and DeFi, the cryptocurrency sector is in hype even if the price of bitcoin does not make it seem.

While the price of bitcoin remains "stable" at around 9,200 US dollars, in the fog of the world of crypto...Dogecoin has entered the daily TikToker debate so much that it has even earned a mention on Bloomberg, and DeFi continues to grind growing interest with a real boom in recent weeks.

And what about the hypothesis that Coinbase could be listed on the Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange?

The cryptocurrency sector is therefore in turmoil and knowing what animates it and what are the "hottest" topics to follow, will be useful to the investor before making his trading choices.

Dogecoin moment

The dogecoin cryptocurrency has no perspective, does not intend to change the world or function as a means of payment for goods and services, DOGE is simply a "meme coin": a cryptocurrency spends time.
But if this feature is combined with the power of social networks, unusual trading opportunities with cryptocurrencies can develop.
From a simple video-based challenge of a few seconds, created on TikTok in order to encourage the purchase of dogecoin, an impressive increase in the price of DOGE resulted for the characteristics of the cryptocurrency.
From USD 0.0023 to USD 0.0046 in three days (6-9 July 2020), a net doubling that speaks volumes about the ability of even a meme coin to be part of the trading activity of a trader engaged in the sector of crypto assets.

Coinbase IPO

Well Coinbase would be on the right course to start an initial public offering (IPO). The conditional and caution are a must, but if Coinbase really decides to go public, it would certainly be a good time for the crypto industry: the first crypto exchange to go public.

The news was reported by Reuters who claims to have received the information from people informed of the facts.

And the facts are these. Coinbase would be in contact with the US Securities and Exchange Commisison (SEC) to prepare the ground for his "blessing" of the initiative.

At the same time Coinbase Inc. would have launched a series of patrolling talks with investment companies and banks, as well as with law firms to prepare everything necessary to make a formal request for listing on the Stock Exchange.

According to Reuters sources, the IPO could occur between the end of the year and the first half of 2021 but there is nothing certain: Coinbase has not confirmed.

DeFi grows, grows

Who will be able to stop decentralized finance? Despite its childhood state, DeFi can already count on $ 2.3 billion in tied assets.

Compound is the most used protocol by the pioneers of the sector to ask for loans or to limit sums on which to accrue interest.

To understand the impressive leap, it will be enough to know that in 2018 the niche totaled 190 million digital assets tied, in July 2019 USD 638 million. We can therefore call it a boom.

Compound is the number one platform of the moment with 650.5 million USD, and is followed by Maker DAO with 593 million USD "stored". More detached Synthetix, Balancer and Aave.

A niche to follow, although knowing that it is in an young state in terms of technological development.

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