shiba scam a scam, well yes sort of!

By Hepatic | Possible Crypto Scams | 5 Nov 2021

Well as many of you know, I blogged about a possible legit/scam offering free Shiba Inu.  Once you sign up, you have multiple ways to collect tokens on the website, from referrals, auto/manual faucets, and PTC/Short links.  Many of the standard things you see on these type of websites.  After spending a couple of days on the site, I have no doubt that it is basically a scam.  One of the first issues I had was how slow the site is and I've heard that it crashes for many people trying to use it.  In addition, it really started to smell foul when many of the shortlinks would end in porn site popups!  Then the realization of the actual coin being mined hit. 

This site does not pay out SHIB (actual Shiba Inu), instead it pays out an unheard of ERC20 token "My Shiba Inu".  This is a s*#!!$t coin that has no real value as shown in the attached link to BSCscan.  The total value of 15,000,000 million of the illustrious tokens is a whopping 3.00 US, if you can get the actual withdraw to go through AND they are basically not tradable.  Back to the old saying "If something looks too good to be true it probably is".  I'm sorry for wasting people's time with a referral link to this website, I will not do that in future blogs without having a very clear picture of what is going on.  If you just google the name, you will find overall glowing Trustpilot reviews, you really need to check out the three pages of negative reviews to get the real picture of this scam (link provided).  I will be deleting my account with this and move on to better things, like acquiring more XYO via Coinbase crypto trading!  

It is hard to call this an outright scam since some people have actually got a payout of the trash My Shiba Inu coin, but they are certainly misleading everyone into thinking they are mining SHIB when that is not the case.  In light of this, I do consider this to be a scam and suggest you don't waste your time but as always, DYOR.

This is not financial advise of any kind, jut trying to inform the crypto community when I find these scam websites.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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I am in my 20th year as a Biology Professor and former custom car/motorcycle builder.

Possible Crypto Scams
Possible Crypto Scams

I will be posting as I come across possible/likely scams to help the community stay safe

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