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By Hepatic | Possible Crypto Scams | 2 Nov 2021

Well I tried my best to stay away from the so called meme coins.  Yes I'll admit to still owning some DOGE and did manage to trade most of it at a decent profit a while back so hanging on the the "house money" just for kicks.  I've been watching Shiba Inu (SHIB) for some time now mostly shaking my head.  If you were lucky enough to buy in early, you've already made a very healthy profit and congratulations!  If you buy a chunk in a dip and either trade via bot or "manual" you can make a decent profit over time.  Will it ever reach the golden US dollar amount, very doubtful given the tokenomics of the coin.  With that being said, IF I can acquire some for free why not??

Check out my referral link ( for the website Free.Shiba.Limited.  It is your "normal PTC ADVERT "faucet website that allows you to carry out various tasks for free SHIB.  The tokens awarded are 1Token = 1Shiba (a little throwback to DOGE lol).  Each draw on the manual faucet will award you 2000 tokens and many of the tasks offer 150,000 or more per task.  I just started on the site today and have generated quite a few tokens.  You will need a SHIB wallet address and the minimum number of tokens for withdraw is 15,000,000.  The one think that is not clear is how many actual SHIB you are getting.  IF it is 15,000,000, this might be the best free token/coin website out there.  It not, I guess I'll see what the actual amounts are. 

Anyway, I thought I would do a quick blog on this since most websites label this one as legit.  DYOR and please consider using my link if you decide to join up. 

As always, this is not financial advise of any kind.  This site looks more legit and has better ratings than most but still quite skeptical of the actual payout.  Either way, I'll play a few games and see what happens, not planning to actually invest any token/coins though.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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I am in my 20th year as a Biology Professor and former custom car/motorcycle builder.

Possible Crypto Scams
Possible Crypto Scams

I will be posting as I come across possible/likely scams to help the community stay safe

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