earnTRON legit or scam, we will see!

By Hepatic | Possible Crypto Scams | 2 Nov 2021

So I'm seeing a lot of buzz about a new "investment' website where you can earn substantial amount of the crypto TRON by buying into the program at various levels.  You can sign up for a free account an earn 0.1 TRON per day or use your TRON to earn more.  I've seen both positive and negative reviews, I've included my link (, the website link, and one link to a negative review for you to research.  This is a new site so not much info at the moment.  As we all know, this is how it usually starts and the sites scam a large number of coins/tokens then go belly up.  I've reported on others that did just that in the past.

This is another website that I've decided to try and will report back later if legit.  So far, so good,  but I know that sites offering high returns in the form of daily interest are usually too good to be true.  I put a small amount of TRON in one of the entry level programs and it is clicking away so far.  I will be surprised if I make it to the 20 day mark to withdraw my original amount with the promised interest.  We will see.  They do have an active telegram thread as well, but most of these scams do!

As always DYOR before investing and make sure anything you invest in these type of ventures will not be missed (cause it will likely be lost to you).

This is by no means financial advise, just pointing out a potential scam and testing to see!

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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Possible Crypto Scams
Possible Crypto Scams

I will be posting as I come across possible/likely scams to help the community stay safe

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