By Thanh Ngoc | PositiveZone | 20 Apr 2020

Hi, hope you all are doing great, its dr fawad here and i thought to share my Ielts experience with you people, as i feel indebted to this group,   1st attempt bands:L=8.5, R=9, W=6.5, S=6.5 overall=7.5 exam taken in December 2017   2nd attempt bands:L=8.5, R=7, W=7, S=7 overall= 7.5 exam taken in October 2019,   to begin with i first took my Ielts exam in December 2017 and didnt do much preaparation, i practiced a few writing tasks and listening. i was very confident and took the exam lightly the band i got during my first attempt was L=8.5, R=9, W=6.5, S=6.5 overall=7.5 ,   I was very dishearted as i was very confident of my preparation, and i decided not to take another ielts exam as i believed that i will be Stuck with the 6.5 band Syndrome,for next 2-3 attempts, so i quit and made myself believe that this exam was not for me..nd it was unjust exam,   after 2 years, one of my friend convinced me that i should give it a try and he made me realize that i can do it , so i decided to give it another try and started preparation, this time i focused alot on writing section, i didnt write much tasks, but i spent most of my time in learning the writing pattern, and it was during the preparation for this 2nd attempt that i came to understand the writing pattern and then practiced few tasks before the exam. The resources that helped me in learning the writing pattern are 'E2 Ielts' and the 'Ielts Teacher'. Jay from the E2 Ielts is an Excellent Teacher and the lady with him also has significant contributon to his teaching endeavor. After thoroughly understanding the pattern i practiced few tasks before the exam, i practiced about 5 Task-2 and 6-7 tasks 1. But i was satisfied with this little practice as i had learned the pattern, and i think thats the most important thing for someone who has no issues with spelling syntax grammar etc,. For the Speaking section i was worried as i have a stammering problem, but its not so significant , and i decided to tell the examiner beforehand , but later on when i enetered the room i didnt tell her about it as i thought it would lead me to stammer more, and decided to believe in myself and Thanks God i didnt stammer, may be becuase the examiner was really nice and had great commmnication skills. i didnt practice alot for reading section as i had acheived 9 bands in my first attempt but you dont have to do that because this time i managed to get just 7 bands, you have to practice all the four sections before every try that you give to this exam, thinking that you know something very well and dont need preparation is not a wise idea.   The listening section was easy and i scored 8.5 bands, similar to my first attempt, the reason for this maintnance of band ,was that i regularly listen to English news channels and watch only english movies and Tv series. so my bands in the 2nd attempt after 2 years are L=8.5, R=7, W=7, S=7 overall= 7.5

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