While waiting for another paper mache clay sculpture to dry, I  wondered what could be the next project to make.

While watching some documentary videos on youtube I stumbled upon an interesting film. I found out that it was a tv-series and went on to watch it.

Ragnar Lothbrok, the lead character, full of ambition yet he is grounded upon the value of family.  

Picture              Picture

It was when he was made king of the Vikings that I started to sculpt his portrait bust. I referenced this sculpture from the many photos that I found on the internet.

The main features were the ponytail, long beard, and his powerful presence.



(The character Ragnar Lothbrok of the Vikings tv-series is a property of History Channel)

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Dennis Tolentino
Dennis Tolentino

Paper Mache Clay Sculptor

Portrait Busts - A Paper Mache Sculpture
Portrait Busts - A Paper Mache Sculpture

How about making a three-dimensional (3D) portrait. Looking on a sculpted head and part of a torso seems to have more representation of the real thing.

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