By ghostm6 | porticofins | 4 Jun 2019

Them in the thunder
When I was raining

City streets glistened
No one listening while
Walking without wisdom

The hurry the hold on
A minute a moment
The hungered eyes

Them in the lightning
When I was singing

Country song glory
All the information
Less is what some know

I wondered how it corpse
Could happen… Decay…

Monday night a manuscript
In my mind… Like a true
Love that is far away

I wish I was drunken
I wish I was dreaming
I wish I was deployed far from distraction’s positions

Like a taste that has been taken from my touch

Some might say I’m too invested in the road of self
But then of course they haven’t been me

But then of course I’m the only one here

Monday night a music
In the headphones hides
The sorrow for a while

Seducing me into thinking not
Into a dancing trot into this poetry shot
Through with as much patience as I could match

In the instant as Sinatra croons when she passes
Each one goes ooh… I light the tall unusual cigarette
And load another song into the player
And this is no prayer
And this is no push
And these are not practice words pretending

I wish I was high
I wish I was heavenly
I wish I was the hope of your hopes

Slow gowns dress me as I wait for
Naked bliss

Them in the hurricane
When I was the eye

Looking at the stars
Searching for the start researching art

I like fast clothing unforced unthought
Where the words gallop and grow

And this is where I go
And this is what I know

Them in the thunder
When I was raining

Avenues glorious
Everyone umbrella
Under sky not standing

The worry the wash out
The waxing tax of a womanly candle
Still melting without salvation

The saliva in my mouth
Conquering a temporary thirst

Them in the lightning
When I was sighing

Far from science with the strange technology of words.


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