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By coinsurprise | Prosperian Rebel | 17 Jan 2022

      Over the past few years, Ive participated in numerous sites to Play and Earn Crypto. Most of these, Ive forgotten, others Ive stayed with and they have become part of my routine. Sorting the worthwhile sites from the those that arent worthwhile can be cumbersome and take alot of time. Ive already put that time in and hope my experience can help you if youre interested in Play to Earn and faucets. Here are my favorites, they are from a variety of blockchains Layer 1 and Layer2. Best of Luck and have fun earning - Fortune favors the Brave.


POLYGON - ETH Layer 2 - PIPEFLARE -  Pipeflare is a true play and earn Metaverse. Currently there are 6 games available with earning, along with a daily direct to wallet FAUCET for MATIC, ZEC, and 1FLARE, which is Pipeflares own token. Play to earn rewards are collected both in-game in real time and for the Top 300 weekly for each of the 6 games. NFTs are available, in the store, and can provide boosts to every aspect of play to earn on Pipeflare.  There is a healthy discord and a growing daily user count of over 100,000.



POLYGON - ETH Layer 2 -   Polyroll is for you if Polygon and online betting lights your fire. Casino gambling is available with Dice roll, Polyroll, Coinflip, and Roulette, mutilpliers of up to 36x. House Edge is only 1%, which is the lowest Online Crypto Casino odds that Ive found. Staking is available, along with Liquidity Pools. Polyroll has its own token, ROLL, currently .02, that can be won, staked (64%apy) and paired in pools against other assets. Heres my referral link:

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                                BITCOIN - BTC - freebitcoin is the oldest and most used crypto faucet and betting site for Bitcoin. It has stood the test of time, when many projects like it have faded away. I believe an easy to navigate format, that lets you claim BTC every hour, bet on world and sporting current events, and wager BTC with the multiplier, is what keeps people from all the world coming back.

BITCOIN - ROLLERCOIN - - Rollercoin is a simulation BTC mining game. You receive 1000 satoshi on signup to get started. There are currently 11 games to choose from on Rollercoin. After completing a game you are rewarded with Mining power, each game can be completed an unlimited number of times. This mining power lasts 1,3, 5, or 7 days, depending on the number or game wins you have in a 24 hour period. Your earning power is unlimited. Along with playing to earn, Miners that give a permanent boost to your mining power can be purchased with rewarded or deposited BTC, ETH or DOGE.

ZCASH - ZEC - Global Hive - - Global Hive is a faucet for ZCASH. It pays ZEC daily like some other faucets, but is much better in my opinion because it pays direct to wallet. There is no payment threshold or waiting to reach a certain level. Everday that you claim on Global Hive you receive ZEC paid to your wallet within minutes.

   The last link I will share in this article is for a Play and Earn game that is in development. It is on the ImmutableX blockchain, a layer 2 of ETH. After the initial deposit of ETH to the Immutable blockchain, you never have to worry about gas fees again. This game has been in development for over and year, and has recently came out of stealth mode. On signup you receive a FREE Insigna NFT from the faction that you choose. This Insigna will allow you to play the game in the furture or can be immediatly sold on Immutable marketplace or Tokentrove.

PlanetQuest - 

  I hope these suggestions help you get started or boost your Crypto Journey. Theres alot of excitement in the Crypto space right now, a few of the more prominent pieces of news Im following is from Cardano ADA and ALGO. The first DEX on Cardano, SundaeSwap, is launching the 20th of January. Algorand is working with Paypal. Its suspected that Paypal will introduce their own token on the Algorand blockchain. 






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