Netbox: Blockchain Browser

Netbox: Blockchain Browser

By renangeographia | Portal Geographia | 13 Apr 2020

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Let's talk about the Netbox browser, built supported by blockchain technology. About blockchain we'll talk about on a specifically with another post.

The architecture used in this browser works in a such way that each user becomes a node in the network, making the entire network faster and more stable and also allowing active network users to receive rewards, which we will discuss below.


Before we talk about another services available to the network users, let's understand better how Netbox Rewards works, the reward program that briefly occurs in three stages:

  • Instalation: After install the browser, the same will synchronize with all the network and the user will receive 20 NBX (Netbox Coin); Limited to the first 125.000 instalations
  • Utilizing:  continuous use will make users participate in the distribution of Netbox Coins directly in your wallet ;
  • Staking:  for every amount that you hold this happens because with NBX you can participate of PoS (Proof of Stake), that is, any amount stored in your wallet on this method, you'll also earn.



We should mention the Referral Program, which works as follows: When a friend install the browser using his referral linko, after synchronizing the wallet you and he will receive 1 NBX, with a week of use more 3 NBX and finally another 6 NBX when it reaches a month, totaling 10 NBX per indication.

Get bonuses for creation Netbox.Wallet, activity and participation in Netbox.Global community.

The complete roadmap and other services that Netbox intends to launch, such as cloud storage services, payments, among others, can be consulted on the link that we will make available, in case you want to support the project and give us your help. We also do not mention Masternode here, which is a way to obtain greater rewards, however, it will be necessary to have its own or rented computer infrastructure with greater power and more advanced knowledge. We'll talk about and explain the masternodes and roadmap on a specific post. It's a big project with many features to describe.

Main exchanges listed:

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