ZT global Market Analysis on October 28th, 2021

By ZT Global | analysis | 28 Oct 2021


44e7f52fe01b5ffdca9db8cfcfb352a8f6a0d9957744b69359d5e3b6f593941d.pngBTC has basically been in place after yesterday’s downkill, there may be a downkill today, but in general, the opportunity is greater than the risk, the early hot currencies such as CELO, CELR, Atom, SOL can wait for the dip. Quilt cover concept currency has a large amount can be considered after BTC hit the plate warehouse. The current market still needs a certain time for shock to clean chips. Patience to hold



ETH fell below the 60 moving average support, after falling in the early low support to undertake, then here you need to shock consolidation to form a new box trend, the opportunity is greater than the risk, like big plate mainstream can consider batch warehouse, but also said ETH is not as good as BNB.


I talked about CELR before, and I failed to pull 20 points after my talk. Now CELO has basically finished its adjustment, so we can consider low-purchase in stages when there is a dip, and we can consider slowly building positions in all the leading ecological projects. The short-term target is above 7.3, and the medium-term target is at a new high and the support level is 6

Risk Warning

The above analysis is for reference only. Please be cautious when invest as there are risks in the currency market.

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ZT Global
ZT Global

ZT, a global crypto exchange platform which aims to provide the best users' experience,and it's invested by SOFTBANK.


ZT exchange is invested by soft bank. it's a global crypto exchange platform aims to provide the best users' experience.

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