The first decentralized talent network—Braintrust

By ZT Global | analysis | 20 Oct 2021

Braintrust is the first decentralized talent network that connects highly skilled technical freelancers with the world's most well-known brands such as Nestlé, Porsche, Atlassian, Goldman Sachs and Nike. Braintrust's unique business model allows talents to retain 100% of their income and enables companies to form flexible and skilled teams on demand, at a fraction of the cost of traditional personnel companies. This new business model of restricting fee extraction and realizing community ownership is uniquely realized by blockchain tokens.

BTRST is the first human resource project. At present, Ferrari and Nestlé have gradually recruited talents through Braintrust.9bd35b747e3472fbc376e5212c17c35b6541edc4c839e105691d3394a5cf761e.png

Technical analysis9d2aae65af5aad56624dff60bed8b694dfbc9a634e370521efc24f1722d3699c.png

At the one-hour level, there are already strong funds entering the market. Such a pullup generally does not count the cost. It has been tested many times in the early stage, and it will be pulled up again after a dump drop. If it falls back to near 9-9.2 again, it is worth paying attention to. If it falls below 9USDT, it means that the market is gradually weakening. If you enter the market near 9.2, you can also consider to wait and see, and wait for the market to become weaker and stronger before entering the market again. If you are a long-term investor, you can hold it patiently.

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