GODS Unchained

By ZT Global | analysis | 15 Nov 2021

Gods Unchained "Liberated Gods" is an on-chain card game launched by the famous chain game development company immutableX. The game mode includes duel, bidding, battle royale, and two versions-Trial of the Gods And divine order. Players gain rewards by building various tactical decks to defeat their opponents. The game allows players to trade and sell their cards freely.

Gods Unchained closely integrates economic incentives with games. The token GODS can be used in games to upgrade cards. At the same time, its token utility includes governance and staking functions.

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At the 4-hour level, some funds have gradually entered the market. At present, subject to the pressure of 60 moving average, a small long trend will be formed once it breaks through. This is the first gamefi IDO project of coinlist. The support level is 4.2 and the pressure level is 5.3.


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